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  • که تعلق با همین دنیاستش ** ره به هفتم آسمان بر نیستش
  • Which are connected only with this world and have no way (of mounting) up to the Seventh Heaven—
  • این همه علم بنای آخرست ** که عماد بود گاو و اشترست
  • All this is the science of building the (worldly) stable which is the pillar (basis) of the existence of (persons like) the ox and the camel.
  • بهر استبقای حیوان چند روز ** نام آن کردند این گیجان رموز
  • For the sake of preserving the animal for a few days, these crazy fools have given to those (arts and sciences) the name of “mysteries.”
  • علم راه حق و علم منزلش ** صاحب دل داند آن را با دلش 1520
  • The knowledge of the Way to God and the knowledge of His dwelling place—that only the owner of the heart knows, or (you may say) his heart (itself).
  • پس درین ترکیب حیوان لطیف ** آفرید و کرد با دانش الیف
  • He (God), then, created in this composite fashion the goodly animal and made him familiar with knowledge.
  • نام کالانعام کرد آن قوم را ** زانک نسبت کو بیقظه نوم را
  • That (bestial) class (of men) He named “like the cattle,” for where is the resemblance between waking and sleep?
  • روح حیوانی ندارد غیر نوم ** حسهای منعکس دارند قوم
  • The animal spirit hath naught but sleep (ignorance): the (bestial) class of men possess inverted sense-perceptions.
  • یقظه آمد نوم حیوانی نماند ** انعکاس حس خود از لوح خواند
  • (When) waking comes, the animal sleep is no more, and he (the enlightened man) reads the (former) inversion of his senses from the tablet (of his clairvoyant consciousness)—
  • هم‌چو حس آنک خواب او را ربود ** چون شد او بیدار عکسیت نمود 1525
  • Like the sense-perceptions of one whom sleep has seized: when he awakes, the inverted quality (of his sense-perceptions whilst he was dreaming) becomes apparent.
  • لاجرم اسفل بود از سافلین ** ترک او کن لا احب الافلین
  • Necessarily, he (the bestial man) is the lowest of the low. Take leave of him: I love not them that sink.
  • در تفسیر این آیت کی و اما الذین فی قلوبهم مرض فزادتهم رجسا و قوله یضل به کثیرا و یهدی به کثیرا
  • In exposition of the following Verse: "and as for those in whose hearts is a disease, it (each new Súra of the Qur’án) added unto their uncleanness (wicked unbelief)"; and of His Word: "thereby He letteth many be led astray, and thereby He letteth many be guided aright."