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  • در اثر افزون شد و در ذات نی ** ذات را افزونی و آفات نی 1665
  • It is increased in respect of the effect (which it has produced), but not in respect of its essence: the essence hath (suffers) no increase or diminution.
  • حق ز ایجاد جهان افزون نشد ** آنچ اول آن نبود اکنون نشد
  • God was not increased by (His) bringing the world into existence: that which He was not formerly He has not become now;
  • لیک افزون گشت اثر ز ایجاد خلق ** در میان این دو افزونیست فرق
  • But the effect (phenomenal being) was increased by (His) bringing created things into existence: there is (a great) difference between these two increases.
  • هست افزونی اثر اظهار او ** تا پدید آید صفات و کار او
  • The increase of the effect is His manifestation, in order that His attributes and action may be made visible.
  • هست افزونی هر ذاتی دلیل ** کو بود حادث به علتها علیل
  • The increase of any (so-called) essence is a proof that it (the essence) is originated and subject to causes.
  • تفسیر اوجس فی نفسه خیفة موسی قلنا لا تخف انک انت الا علی
  • Commentary on "Moses conceived a fear in his heart: We said, ‘Fear not, verily thou wilt be the superior.’"
  • گفت موسی سحر هم حیران‌کنیست ** چون کنم کین خلق را تمییز نیست 1670
  • Moses said, “Magic too is a bewildering thing: how shall I act?—for this people have no discernment.”
  • گفت حق تمییز را پیدا کنم ** عقل بی‌تمییز را بینا کنم
  • God said, “I will produce discernment, I will make the undiscerning mind able to perceive (the truth).
  • گرچه چون دریا برآوردند کف ** موسیا تو غالب آیی لا تخف
  • Howbeit they (the magicians) have raised up foam, like the sea, thou, O Moses, wilt prevail: fear not!”
  • بود اندر عهده خود سحر افتخار ** چون عصا شد مار آنها گشت عار
  • Magic was glorious in its own time: when the rod became a dragon, those (magic arts) were disgraced.
  • هر کسی را دعوی حسن و نمک ** سنگ مرگ آمد نمکها را محک
  • Every one pretends to excellence and elegance: the stone of Death is the touchstone for (these) elegances.