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  • حکم حق بر لوح می‌آید پدید ** آنچنان که حکم غیب بایزید
  • God's ordainment comes into view on the tablet (of the heart) in such wise as Báyazíd's prediction of the hidden (future event).
  • شنیدن شیخ ابوالحسن رضی الله عنه خبر دادن ابویزید را و بود او و احوال او
  • How Shaykh Abu ’l-Hasan, may God be well-pleased with him, heard Báyazíd's announcement of his coming into existence and of what should happen to him.
  • هم‌چنان آمد که او فرموده بود ** بوالحسن از مردمان آن را شنود 1925
  • It came to pass just as he (Báyazíd) had said. Bu ’l-Hasan heard from the people that (prediction),
  • که حسن باشد مرید و امتم ** درس گیرد هر صباح از تربتم
  • (Namely), “Hasan will be my disciple and my true follower (umma), and will receive lessons from my tomb at every dawn.”
  • گفت من هم نیز خوابش دیده‌ام ** وز روان شیخ این بشنیده‌ام
  • He (Abu ’l-Hasan) said, “I have also seen him in a dream and have heard this from the spirit of the Shaykh.”
  • هر صباحی رو نهادی سوی گور ** ایستادی تا ضحی اندر حضور
  • Every dawn he would set his face towards the grave and stand (there) in attention till the forenoon,
  • یا مثال شیخ پیشش آمدی ** یا که بی‌گفتی شکالش حل شدی
  • And either the apparition of the Shaykh would come to him, or without anything spoken his difficulty would be solved,
  • تا یکی روزی بیامد با سعود ** گورها را برف نو پوشیده بود 1930
  • Till one day he came auspiciously (to visit the grave): the graves were covered with new-fallen snow.
  • توی بر تو برفها هم‌چون علم ** قبه قبه دیده و شد جانش به غم
  • He saw the snows, wreath on wreath like flags, mound (piled) on mound; and his soul was grieved.
  • بانگش آمد از حظیره‌ی شیخ حی ** ها انا ادعوک کی تسعی الی
  • From the shrine of the (spiritually) living Shaykh came to him a cry, “Hark, I call thee that thou mayst run to me.
  • هین بیا این سو بر آوازم شتاب ** عالم ار برفست روی از من متاب
  • Hey, come quickly in this direction, towards my voice: if the world is (full of) snow, (yet) do not turn thy face away from me.”