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  • پس نکو گفت آن حکیم کامیار ** که تو طفلی خانه پر نقش و نگار
  • That fortunate Sage, then, has said well, “Thou art a child: the house is full of pictures and paintings.”
  • در الهی‌نامه بس اندرز کرد ** که بر آر دودمان خویش گرد
  • In the Iláhí-náma he gave many an injunction, saying, “Raise the dust from (utterly demolish) thine own household.”
  • بس کن ای موسی بگو وعده‌ی سوم ** که دل من ز اضطرابش گشت گم
  • (Pharaoh said), “Enough, O Moses! Tell (me) the third promise, for my heart has become lost (distraught) from the agitation caused by (eagerness to hear) it.”
  • گفت موسی آن سوم ملک دوتو ** دو جهانی خالص از خصم و عدو
  • Moses said, “This third (promise) is a twofold empire—(an empire) appertaining to the two worlds (temporal and spiritual), free from adversary and enemy;
  • بیشتر زان ملک که اکنون داشتی ** کان بد اندر جنگ و این در آشتی 2570
  • Greater than the empire of which thou art now in possession; for that was (whilst thou wert) at war (with God), and this (will be whilst thou art) at peace (with Him).
  • آنک در جنگت چنان ملکی دهد ** بنگر اندر صلح خوانت چون نهد
  • He who bestows on thee, (whilst thou art) at war, such an empire as this— consider how (bounteously) He will lay the table for thee (when thou art) at peace.
  • آن کرم که اندر جفا آنهات داد ** در وفا بنگر چه باشد افتقاد
  • That (Divine) bounty which gave thee those (goodly) things in thy unrighteousness—consider what will be (its) care (for thee) in thy faithfulness.”
  • گفت ای موسی چهارم چیست زود ** بازگو صبرم شد و حرصم فزود
  • “O Moses,” said he, “what is the fourth (promise)? Quickly declare (it): my patience is gone and my desire has waxed great.”
  • گفت چارم آنک مانی تو جوان ** موی هم‌چون قیر و رخ چون ارغوان
  • He said, “The fourth is that thou wilt remain (ever) young, (with) hair (black) like pitch and cheeks (pink) like the arghawán (flower of the Judas-tree).
  • رنگ و بو در پیش ما بس کاسدست ** لیک تو پستی سخن کردیم پست 2575
  • To us (prophets) colour and perfume are very worthless, but thou art low, (so) we have made our words low.