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  • از مذن بشنو این اعلام را ** کوری افزون‌روان خام را
  • Hear from the muezzin this announcement, to the confusion of the foolish transgressors,
  • که نسوزیدست این نام از اجل ** کش مسمی صدر بودست و اجل 2865
  • That this name (Mohammed) has not been burnt (destroyed) by Death, since its bearer was a prince and most noble.
  • صد هزاران زین رهان اندر قران ** بر دریده پرده‌های منکران
  • In the course of time hundreds of thousands of the veils of the unbelievers have been rent by this laying down of stakes.
  • چون گرو بستند غالب شد صواب ** در دوام و معجزات و در جواب
  • When they (the devout men and the philosopher) made the wager, the truth prevailed as regards immortality and evidentiary miracles and the answer (given to unbelievers).
  • فهم کردم کانک دم زد از سبق ** وز حدوث چرخ پیروزست و حق
  • I perceived that he who spoke (in support) of the priority (of non-existence) and of the temporal origin of the celestial sphere was victorious and in the right.”
  • حجت منکر هماره زردرو ** یک نشان بر صدق آن انکار کو
  • The unbeliever's argument is always shamefaced: where is a single sign that indicates the truth of that unbelief?
  • یک مناره در ثنای منکران ** کو درین عالم که تا باشد نشان 2870
  • Where in this world is (to be found) a single minaret in praise (honour) of the unbelievers, so that it should be a sign (of their veracity)?
  • منبری کو که بر آنجا مخبری ** یاد آرد روزگار منکری
  • Where is (to be found) a single pulpit where a preacher commemorates the life of an unbeliever?
  • روی دینار و درم از نامشان ** تا قیامت می‌دهد زین حق نشان
  • The face of gold and silver coins, from (bearing) their (the prophets') names, is giving a token of this truth till the Resurrection.
  • سکه‌ی شاهان همی گردد دگر ** سکه‌ی احمد ببین تا مستقر
  • The dies of the kings are ever being changed: behold the die of Ahmad (Mohammed) till the end of the world.