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  • که هلا پیش سلیمان مور باش ** تا بنشکافد ترا این دورباش
  • Saying, ‘Hola! be (as) the ant before Solomon, lest this mace cleave thee asunder.
  • جز مقام راستی یک دم مه‌ایست ** هیچ لالا مرد را چون چشم نیست 330
  • Do not for one moment stand (anywhere) but in the place of truth: a man hath no guardian like the (seeing) eye.
  • کور اگر از پند پالوده شود ** هر دمی او باز آلوده شود
  • (Even) if the blind man be purified by admonition, he continually becomes polluted again.
  • آدما تو نیستی کور از نظر ** لیک اذا جاء القضا عمی البصر
  • O Adam, thou art not blind of vision, but when the Divine destiny comes, the sight becomes blind.’”
  • عمرها باید به نادر گاه‌گاه ** تا که بینا از قضا افتد به چاه
  • Lifetimes are needed—(so) rarely and occasionally (does it happen)—for the seeing man to fall by destiny into the pit.
  • کور را خود این قضا همراه اوست ** که مرورا اوفتادن طبع و خوست
  • As regards the blind man, this destiny in sooth is his companion on the way; for ‘tis his nature and disposition to fall.
  • در حدث افتد نداند بوی چیست ** از منست این بوی یا ز آلودگیست 335
  • He falls into the filth and does not know what the smell is; (he asks himself), “Is this smell from me or from (my) being polluted?”
  • ور کسی بر وی کند مشکی نثار ** هم ز خود داند نه از احسان یار
  • And likewise, if any one sprinkle some musk over him, he thinks it (comes) from himself and not from the kindness of his friend.
  • پس دو چشم روشن ای صاحب‌نظر ** مر ترا صد مادرست و صد پدر
  • Therefore to you, O man of vision, two clear eyes are (as) a hundred mothers and a hundred fathers;
  • خاصه چشم دل آن هفتاد توست ** وین دو چشم حس خوشه‌چین اوست
  • Especially the eye of the heart (the spiritual eye), which is seventy-fold and of which these two sensible eyes are (only) the gleaners.