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  • آتش او را سبز و خرم می‌کند ** شاخ او انی انا الله می‌زند
  • The fire (of Divine illumination) makes it verdant and flourishing; its boughs cry “Lo, I am God.”
  • زیر ظلش جمله حاجاتت روا ** این چنین باشد الهی کیمیا
  • Beneath its shade all thy needs are fulfilled: such is the Divine alchemy.
  • آن منی و هستیت باشد حلال ** که درو بینی صفات ذوالجلال
  • That personality and existence is lawful to thee, since thou beholdest therein the attributes of the Almighty.
  • شد درخت کژ مقوم حق‌نما ** اصله ثابت و فرعه فی‌السما
  • The crooked tree has become straight, God-revealing: its root fixed (in the earth) and its branches in the sky.
  • باقی قصه‌ی موسی علیه‌السلام
  • The remainder of the story of Moses, on whom be peace.
  • که آمدش پیغام از وحی مهم ** که کژی بگذار اکنون فاستقم 3575
  • For there came to him from the peremptory Revelation a message, saying, “Put crookedness aside now, and be upright.”
  • این درخت تن عصای موسیست ** که امرش آمد که بیندازش ز دست
  • This tree of the body is (like) Moses’ rod, concerning which the (Divine) command came to him —“Let it fall from your hand,
  • تا ببینی خیر او و شر او ** بعد از آن بر گیر او را ز امر هو
  • That thou mayst behold its good and evil; after that, take it up (again) by command of Him.”
  • پیش از افکندن نبود او غیر چوب ** چون به امرش بر گرفتی گشت خوب
  • Before his dropping it, it was naught but wood; whenever he took it up by His command, it became goodly.
  • اول او بد برگ‌افشان بره را ** گشت معجز آن گروه غره را
  • At first it was shaking down leaves for the lambs; (afterwards) it reduced to impotence that deluded people.
  • گشت حاکم بر سر فرعونیان ** آبشان خون کرد و کف بر سر زنان 3580
  • It became ruler over the party of Pharaoh: it turned their water into blood and caused them to beat their heads with their hands.