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  • سر برون آرد دلش از بخش راز ** اول و آخر ببیند چشم باز
  • That its heart should put forth its head (peep forth) from the aperture of the mystery and should see the beginning and the end with open eye.
  • اطوار و منازل خلقت آدمی از ابتدا
  • The diverse modes and stages of the nature of Man from the beginning.
  • آمده اول به اقلیم جماد ** وز جمادی در نباتی اوفتاد
  • First he came into the clime (world) of inorganic things, and from the state of inorganic things he passed into the vegetable state.
  • سالها اندر نباتی عمر کرد ** وز جمادی یاد ناورد از نبرد
  • (Many) years he lived in the vegetable state and did not remember the inorganic state because of the opposition (between them);
  • وز نباتی چون به حیوانی فتاد ** نامدش حال نباتی هیچ یاد
  • And when he passed from the vegetable into the animal state, the vegetable state was not remembered by him at all,
  • جز همین میلی که دارد سوی آن ** خاصه در وقت بهار و ضیمران 3640
  • Save only for the inclination which he has towards that (state), especially in the season of spring and sweet herbs—
  • هم‌چو میل کودکان با مادران ** سر میل خود نداند در لبان
  • Like the inclination of babes towards their mothers: it (the babe) does not know the secret of its desire for being suckled;
  • هم‌چو میل مفرط هر نو مرید ** سوی آن پیر جوانبخت مجید
  • (Or) like the excessive inclination of every novice towards the noble spiritual Elder, whose fortune is young (and flourishing).
  • جزو عقل این از آن عقل کلست ** جنبش این سایه زان شاخ گلست
  • The particular intelligence of this (disciple) is derived from that Universal Intelligence: the motion of this shadow is derived from that Rose-bough.
  • سایه‌اش فانی شود آخر درو ** پس بداند سر میل و جست و جو
  • His (the disciple's) shadow disappears at last in him (the Master); then he knows the secret of his inclination and search and seeking.
  • سایه‌ی شاخ دگر ای نیکبخت ** کی بجنبد گر نجنبد این درخت 3645
  • How should the shadow of the other's (the disciple's) bough move, O fortunate one, if this Tree move not?