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  • چون ز بیم و ترس بیهوشش بدید ** جبرئیل آمد در آغوشش کشید 3770
  • When Gabriel saw him senseless from fear and dread, he came and drew him into his arms.
  • آن مهابت قسمت بیگانگان ** وین تجمش دوستان را رایگان
  • That awe is the portion of aliens, while this fond affection is freely bestowed on friends.
  • هست شاهان را زمان بر نشست ** هول سرهنگان و صارمها به دست
  • Kings, when seated on the throne, have formidable guardsmen (around them) with swords in their hands,
  • دور باش و نیزه و شمشیرها ** که بلرزند از مهابت شیرها
  • Staves and lances and scimitars, so that (even) lions would tremble in awe;
  • بانگ چاوشان و آن چوگانها ** که شود سست از نهیبش جانها
  • The shouts of sergeants with their maces, by the terror of which (men's) souls are enfeebled.
  • این برای خاص وعام ره‌گذر ** که کندشان از شهنشاهی خبر 3775
  • This is for the high and low in the street, to announce to them (the presence of) an emperor.
  • از برای عام باشد این شکوه ** تا کلاه کبر ننهند آن گروه
  • This pomp is for the sake of the vulgar, that those people may not put on the tiara of arrogance;
  • تا من و ماهای ایشان بشکند ** نفس خودبین فتنه و شر کم کند
  • That it may break their egoism and that the self-conceited carnal soul may not work mischief and evil.
  • شهر از آن آمن شود کان شهریار ** دارد اندر قهر زخم و گیر و دار
  • The country is preserved from that by the king's having force and authority to inflict punishment.
  • پس بمیرد آن هوسها در نفوس ** هیبت شه مانع آید زان نحوس
  • Therefore those vain desires are extinguished in (men's) souls: awe of the king prevents that disaster.