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  • بی‌فتیل و روغنش نبود بقا ** با فتیل و روغن او هم بی‌وفا
  • Without wick and oil it has no duration, and with wick and oil it is also faithless (transient),
  • زانک نور علتی‌اش مرگ‌جوست ** چون زید که روز روشن مرگ اوست 430
  • Inasmuch as its light, (being) related to (secondary) causes, is seeking death: how should it live when bright day is the death of it?
  • جمله حسهای بشر هم بی‌بقاست ** زانک پیش نور روز حشر لاست
  • Likewise all the human senses are impermanent, because they are naught in the presence of the Day of Resurrection.
  • نور حس و جان بابایان ما ** نیست کلی فانی و لا چون گیا
  • The light of the senses and spirits of our fathers is not wholly perishable and naught, like the grass;
  • لیک مانند ستاره و ماهتاب ** جمله محوند از شعاع آفتاب
  • But, like the stars and moonbeams, they all vanish in the radiance of the Sun.
  • آنچنان که سوز و درد زخم کیک ** محو گردد چون در آید مار الیک
  • ’Tis just as the smart and pain of the flea's bite disappears when the snake comes in to you (and bites you).
  • آنچنان که عور اندر آب جست ** تا در آب از زخم زنبوران برست 435
  • ’Tis just as the naked man jumped into the water, that in the water he might escape from the sting of the hornets:
  • می‌کند زنبور بر بالا طواف ** چون بر آرد سر ندارندش معاف
  • The hornets circle above (him), and when he puts out his head they do not spare him.
  • آب ذکر حق و زنبور این زمان ** هست یاد آن فلانه وان فلان
  • The water is recollection (dhikr) of God, and the hornet is the remembrance, during this time, of such-and-such a woman or such-and-such a man.
  • دم بخور در آب ذکر و صبر کن ** تا رهی از فکر و وسواس کهن
  • Swallow (hold) your breath in the water of recollection and show fortitude, that you may be freed from the old thought and temptation.