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  • هر کسی را هست اومید بری ** که گشادندش در آن روزی دری 50
  • Every one (of them) hath hope of (winning) the fruit whereto a door was opened to him on a certain day;
  • باز در بستندش و آن درپرست ** بر همان اومید آتش پا شدست
  • Then it was shut (upon them) again; (but) that devotee to the door, (continuing) in the same hope, has become fire-footed.
  • چون درآمد خوش در آن باغ آن جوان ** خود فرو شد پا به گنجش ناگهان
  • When the youth joyously entered that orchard, verily on a sudden his foot sank in (struck upon) the (buried) treasure.
  • مر عسس را ساخته یزدان سبب ** تا ز بیم او دود در باغ شب
  • God had made the night-patrol the means, so that in fear of him he (the lover) should run into the orchard by night
  • بیند آن معشوقه را او با چراغ ** طالب انگشتری در جوی باغ
  • And should see the beloved one searching with a lantern for a ring in the rivulet of the orchard.
  • پس قرین می‌کرد از ذوق آن نفس ** با ثنای حق دعای آن عسس 55
  • Therefore at that moment, from the delight (which he experienced), he conjoined praise of God with prayers for the night-patrol,
  • که زیان کردم عسس را از گریز ** بیست چندان سیم و زر بر وی بریز
  • Saying, “I caused loss to the night-patrol by fleeing (from him): scatter o’er him twenty times as much silver and gold.
  • از عوانی مر ورا آزاد کن ** آنچنان که شادم او را شاد کن
  • Set him free from policing: make him glad even as I am glad.
  • سعد دارش این جهان و آن جهان ** از عوانی و سگی‌اش وا رهان
  • Keep him blest in this world and in that world, deliver him from policing and currishness—
  • گرچه خوی آن عوان هست ای خدا ** که هماره خلق را خواهد بلا
  • Though it is the nature of that policeman, O God, that he always desires the people to be afflicted.”