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  • یک زمانی موج لطفش بال تست ** آتش قهرش دمی حمال تست 545
  • At one time the wave of his mercy is your pinion, at another moment the fire of his wrath is your carrier.
  • قهر او را ضد لطفش کم شمر ** اتحاد هر دو بین اندر اثر
  • Do not reckon his wrath to be the contrary of his mercy: behold the oneness of both (these qualities) in the effect.
  • یک زمان چون خاک سبزت می‌کند ** یک زمان پر باد و گبزت می‌کند
  • At one time he will make you green like the earth, at another time he will make you full of wind, and big.
  • جسم عارف را دهد وصف جماد ** تا برو روید گل و نسرین شاد
  • He gives the quality of inorganic things to the body of the knower (of God), in order that gay roses and eglantines may grow on it;
  • لیک او بیند نبیند غیر او ** جز به مغز پاک ندهد خلد بو
  • But he (the Shaykh) alone sees (them), none sees but he: Paradise yields no scent but to the purified brain.
  • مغز را خالی کن از انکار یار ** تا که ریحان یابد از گلزار یار 550
  • Empty your brain of disbelief in the Friend, that it may feel sweet odours from the rose-garden of the Friend;
  • تا بیابی بوی خلد از یار من ** چون محمد بوی رحمن از یمن
  • So that you may feel the scent of Paradise from my Friend, as Mohammed the scent of the Merciful (God) from Yemen.
  • در صف معراجیان گر بیستی ** چون براقت بر کشاند نیستی
  • If you stand in the rank of those who make the (spiritual) ascension, not-being (self-naughtedness) will bear you aloft, like Buráq.
  • نه چو معراج زمینی تا قمر ** بلک چون معراج کلکی تا شکر
  • ’Tis not like the ascension of a piece of earth (an earthly being) to the moon; nay, but like the ascension of a cane to sugar.
  • نه چو معراج بخاری تا سما ** بل چو معراج جنینی تا نهی
  • ’Tis not like the ascension of a vapour to the sky; nay, but like the ascension of an embryo to rationality.