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  • دور بود از شیر و آن شیر از نبرد  ** تا به نزدیک آمدن صبری نکرد  2565
  • He (the ass) was (still) far from the lion, but the lion would not wait for him to come near before attacking.
  • گنبدی کرد از بلندی شیر هول  ** خود نبودش قوت و امکان حول 
  • The terrible lion made a spring from an eminence, (though) indeed he had not the strength and power to move (effectively).
  • خر ز دورش دید و برگشت و گریز  ** تا به زیر کوه تازان نعل ریز 
  • The ass saw him from afar and turned and fled to the bottom of the hill, dropping his shoes as he ran.
  • گفت روبه شیر را ای شاه ما  ** چون نکردی صبر در وقت وغا 
  • “O king of us (all),” said the fox to the lion, “why didst not thou restrain thyself in the hour of battle,
  • تا به نزدیک تو آید آن غوی  ** تا باندک حمله‌ای غالب شوی 
  • In order that that misguided (creature) might come near thee and that thou might’st vanquish him with a small attack?
  • مکر شیطانست تعجیل و شتاب  ** لطف رحمانست صبر و احتساب  2570
  • Precipitation and haste is the Devil's wile; patience and calculation is God's grace.
  • دور بود و حمله را دید و گریخت  ** ضعف تو ظاهر شد و آب تو ریخت 
  • He (the ass) was far off and saw the attack and fled: thy weakness is made manifest and thy prestige is destroyed.”
  • گفت من پنداشتم بر جاست زور  ** تا بدین حد می‌ندانستم فتور 
  • He (the lion) replied, “I thought my strength was restored: I did not know my feebleness was so great.
  • نیز جوع و حاجتم از حد گذشت  ** صبر و عقلم از تجوع یاوه گشت 
  • Moreover, my hunger and need had passed beyond bounds: through starvation my patience and understanding had been lost.
  • گر توانی بار دیگر از خرد  ** باز آوردن مر او را مسترد 
  • If by (using) your wits you can reclaim him and bring him back once more,