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  • ما بدانستیم ما این تن نه‌ایم  ** از ورای تن به یزدان می‌زییم  3340
  • We have come to know (that) we are not this body: beyond the body we are living through God.”
  • ای خنک آن را که ذات خود شناخت  ** اندر امن سرمدی قصری بساخت 
  • Oh, blest is he that has recognised his (real) essence and built (for himself) a palace in everlasting security.
  • کودکی گرید پی جوز و مویز  ** پیش عاقل باشد آن بس سهل چیز 
  • A child weeps for walnuts and raisins; those are very trifling things in the view of a reasonable man.
  • پیش دل جوز و مویز آمد جسد  ** طفل کی در دانش مردان رسد 
  • (So) in the spirit's view the body is (like) walnuts and raisins, (but) how should (one who is) a child (in spiritual matters) attain to the knowledge possessed by (spiritual) men?
  • هر که محجوبست او خود کودکست  ** مرد آن باشد که بیرون از شکست 
  • Whoever is veiled (from God) is really a child: the man is he who is beyond (all) uncertainty.
  • گر بریش و خایه مردستی کسی  ** هر بزی را ریش و مو باشد بسی  3345
  • Siquis barba et testiculis vir esset, every he-goat has a beard and plenty of hair.” [If someone were (defined as) a man by a beard and testicles, every he-goat has a beard and plenty of hair.”]
  • پیشوای بد بود آن بز شتاب  ** می‌برد اصحاب را پیش قصاب 
  • That goat is a bad leader: he is taking his followers quickly along to the butcher.
  • ریش شانه کرده که من سابقم  ** سابقی لیکن به سوی مرگ و غم 
  • He has combed his beard, saying, “I am the foremost.” (Yes); thou art the foremost, but in the direction of death and anguish.
  • هین روش بگزین و ترک ریش کن  ** ترک این ما و من و تشویش کن 
  • Hark, adopt (as thy vocation) travelling (on the Way of righteousness) and abandon thy beard: abandon this egoism and troubled thought,
  • تا شوی چون بوی گل با عاشقان  ** پیشوا و رهنمای گلستان 
  • That thou mayst become like the scent of the rose to (God's) lovers (and mayst be) their leader and guide to the Rose-garden.