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  • چون ندارند از فتوت زور و دست  ** کودکان را تیغ چوبین بهترست 
  • A wooden sword is better suited to children (young boys), since they have not the strength and power (that comes) from manhood.
  • کافران قانع بنقش انبیا  ** که نگاریده‌ست اندر دیرها 
  • Infidels are content with the figures of the prophets which are painted (and kept) in churches;
  • زان مهان ما را چو دور روشنیست  ** هیچ‌مان پروای نقش سایه نیست  3600
  • (But) as we have (enjoy) a bright period (of inward illumination) from those moons, we have no care for a shadow-figure.
  • این یکی نقشش نشسته در جهان  ** وآن دگر نقشش چو مه در آسمان 
  • The one figure of him (the prophet) is seated in the (sublunary) world, while his other figure is in heaven, like the moon.
  • این دهانش نکته‌گویان با جلیس  ** و آن دگر با حق به گفتار و انیس 
  • This mouth of him is speaking on subtle points (of religion) to those sitting beside him, while the other (mouth) is (engaged) in discourse with God and intimate (with Him).
  • گوش ظاهر این سخن را ضبط کن  ** گوش جانش جاذب اسرار کن 
  • His outward ear is apprehending these (external) words, while his spiritual ear is drawing (into itself) the mysteries of (the Creative Word) Be.
  • چشم ظاهر ضابط حلیه‌ی بشر  ** چشم سر حیران مازاغ البصر 
  • His outward eye is apprehending human forms and features, while his inward eye is dazzled in (the glory of) the eye did not stray.
  • پای ظاهر در صف مسجد صواف  ** پای معنی فوق گردون در طواف  3605
  • His outward feet stand evenly in the row (of worshippers) in the mosque, while his spiritual feet are (engaged) in circumambulation above the sky.
  • جزو جزوش را تو بشمر هم‌چنین  ** این درون وقت و آن بیرون حین 
  • Reckon up every member of him (and judge of it) in like fashion: this (bodily part) is within Time, while that (spiritual part) is beyond Time.
  • این که در وقتست باشد تا اجل  ** وان دگر یار ابد قرن ازل 
  • This which is in Time endures till death, while the other is the associate of everlastingness and the peer of eternity.