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  • شیطنت گردن کشی بد در لغت  ** مستحق لعنت آمد این صفت  525
  • “Devilry” (shaytanat) in lexicology is (synonymous with) “rebelliousness”: this quality is deserving of execration.
  • این جهان محدود و آن خود بی حدست ** نقش و صورت پیش آن معنی سدست
  • There is room for a hundred eaters (guests) round a table, (but) there is not room in the (whole) world for two seekers of dominion.
  • آن نخواهد کین بود بر پشت خاک  ** تا ملک بکشد پدر را ز اشتراک 
  • The one is not willing that the other should be on the surface of the earth; so that a prince kills his father for partaking with him (in sovereignty).
  • آن شنیدستی که الملک عقیم  ** قطع خویشی کرد ملکت‌جو ز بیم 
  • Thou hast heard (the saying) that kingship is childless: the seeker of sovereignty has cut (the ties of) relationship because of (his) fear;
  • که عقیمست و ورا فرزند نیست  ** هم‌چو آتش با کسش پیوند نیست 
  • For he is childless and has no son: like fire, he has no kinship with any one.
  • هر چه یابد او بسوزد بر درد  ** چون نیابد هیچ خود را می‌خورد  530
  • Whatsoever he finds he destroys and tears to pieces: when he finds nothing, he devours himself.
  • هیچ شو وا ره تو از دندان او  ** رحم کم جو از دل سندان او 
  • Become naught, escape from his teeth: do not seek mercy from his (hard) anvil-like heart.
  • چونک گشتی هیچ از سندان مترس  ** هر صباح از فقر مطلق گیر درس 
  • After thou hast become naught, do not fear the anvil: take lessons every morning from absolute poverty.
  • هست الوهیت ردای ذوالجلال  ** هر که در پوشد برو گردد وبال 
  • Divinity is the mantle of the Lord of glory: it becomes a plague to any one who puts it on.
  • تاج از آن اوست آن ما کمر  ** وای او کز حد خود دارد گذر 
  • His (God's) is the crown (of sovereignty), ours the belt (of servitude): woe to him that passes beyond his proper bound!