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  • چون فرو آمد ز غرفه آن امیر  ** جان همی‌افشاند پامزد بشیر  1160
  • When the Amír came down from the upper chamber, he was ready to lavish his soul on the messenger as a reward (for the news he had brought).
  • پس زمین‌بوس و سلام آورد او  ** کرد رخ را از طرب چون ورد او 
  • Then he kissed the earth (before the Prophet) and gave the salaam (with great ceremony): in his delight he made his countenance like a rose.
  • گفت بسم‌الله مشرف کن وطن  ** تا که فردوسی شود این انجمن 
  • “In God's name,” he said, “bestow honour on the house (by entering it), so that this assembly-place may become a Paradise,
  • تا فزاید قصر من بر آسمان  ** که بدیدم قطب دوران زمان 
  • And that my palace may surpass heaven (in glory), saying, ‘I have seen the Pole on which Time revolves.’”
  • گفتش از بهر عتاب آن محترم  ** من برای دیدن تو نامدم 
  • The venerable (Prophet) said to him by way of rebuke, “I have not come to visit you.”
  • گفت روحم آن تو خود روح چیست  ** هین بفرما کین تجشم بهر کیست  1165
  • He replied, “My spirit belongs to thee—what, indeed, is my spirit (before thee)? Oh, say on whose account is this solicitude?—
  • تا شوم من خاک پای آن کسی  ** که به باغ لطف تستش مغرسی 
  • That I may become dust for the feet of the person who is planted in the orchard of thy favour.”
  • پس بگفتش کان هلال عرش کو  ** هم‌چو مهتاب از تواضع فرش کو 
  • Then he (the Prophet) said to him, “Where is that New-moon (Hilál) of the highest heaven? Where is he that in his humility is spread as moonbeams (like a carpet on the ground)?—
  • آن شهی در بندگی پنهان شده  ** بهر جاسوسی به دنیا آمده 
  • That king who is disguised as a slave and has come (down) to this world for the purpose of spying?
  • تو مگو کو بنده و آخرجی ماست  ** این بدان که گنج در ویرانه‌هاست 
  • Do not say, ‘He is my slave and stableman’: know this, that he is a treasure (buried) in ruins.