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  • چون نه‌ای بازی که گیری تو شکار  ** دست آموز شکار شهریار 
  • Since you are not a falcon, so as to (be able to) catch the prey, (a falcon) hand-trained for the King's hunting;
  • نیستی طاوس با صد نقش بند  ** که به نقشت چشمها روشن کنند  1260
  • Nor a peacock painted with a hundred (beautiful) designs, so that (all) eyes should be illumined by the picture which you present;
  • هم نه‌ای طوطی که چون قندت دهند  ** گوش سوی گفت شیرینت نهند 
  • Nor a parrot, so that when sugar is given to you, (all) ears should bend to (listen to) your sweet talk;
  • هم نه‌ای بلبل که عاشق‌وار زار  ** خوش بنالی در چمن یا لاله‌زار 
  • Nor a nightingale to sing, like a lover, sweetly and plaintively in the meadow or the tulip-garden;
  • هم نه‌ای هدهد که پیکیها کنی  ** نه چو لک‌لک که وطن بالا کنی 
  • Nor a hoopoe to bring messages, nor are you like a stork to make your nest on high—
  • در چه کاری تو و بهر چت خرند  ** تو چه مرغی و ترا با چه خورند 
  • In what work are you (employed), and for what (purpose) are you bought? What (sort of) bird are you, and with what (digestive) are you eaten?
  • زین دکان با مکاسان برتر آ  ** تا دکان فضل که الله اشتری  1265
  • Mount beyond this ship of hagglers to the shop of Bounty where God is the purchaser.
  • کاله‌ای که هیچ خلقش ننگرید  ** از خلاقت آن کریم آن را خرید 
  • (There) that Gracious One hath purchased the piece of goods that no people would look at on account of its shabbiness.
  • هیچ قلبی پیش او مردود نیست  ** زانک قصدش از خریدن سود نیست 
  • With Him no base coin is rejected, for His object in buying is not (to make a) profit.
  • رجوع به داستان آن کمپیر 
  • Return to the tale of the old woman.
  • چون عروسی خواست رفتن آن خریف  ** موی ابرو پاک کرد آن مستخیف 
  • Since that (crone who was faded as) autumn desired to be wed, that lustful one plucked out the hair of her eyebrows. [Since that (crone who was faded as) autumn desired to be wed, that one (who was) desirous of a (drawn back) foreskin plucked out the hair of her eyebrows.]