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  • این سخن پایان ندارد ای قباد  ** حرص ما را اندرین پایان مباد  1320
  • This topic hath no end. O (spiritual) emperor, may there be no end to our desire for this (mystic knowledge)!
  • رجوع به قصه‌ی رنجور 
  • Returning to the Story of the sick man.
  • باز گرد و قصه‌ی رنجور گو  ** با طبیب آگه ستارخو 
  • Return (from the digression) and tell the story of the sick man and the wise physician whose nature was to palliate.
  • نبض او بگرفت و واقف شد ز حال  ** که امید صحت او بد محال 
  • He felt his pulse and ascertained his state (of health): (he saw) that it was absurd to hope for his recovery.
  • گفت هر چت دل بخواهد آن بکن  ** تا رود از جسمت این رنج کهن 
  • He said, “Do whatever your heart desires, in order that this old malady may quit your body.
  • هرچه خواهد خاطر تو وا مگیر  ** تا نگردد صبر و پرهیزت زحیر 
  • Do not withhold anything that your inclination craves, lest your self-restraint and abstinence turn to gripes.
  • صبر و پرهیز این مرض را دان زیان  ** هرچه خواهد دل در آرش در میان  1325
  • Know that self-restraint and abstinence are injurious to this disease: proffer to your heart whatever it may desire.
  • این چنین رنجور را گفت ای عمو  ** حق تعالی اعملوا ما شتم 
  • O uncle, (it was) in reference to a sick man like this (that) God most High said, ‘Do what ye will.”
  • گفت رو هین خیر بادت جان عم  ** من تماشای لب جو می‌روم 
  • He (the sick man) said, “(Now) go; look you, my dear nephew, I am going for a walk on the bank of the river.”
  • بر مراد دل همی‌گشت او بر آب  ** تا که صحت را بیابد فتح باب 
  • He was strolling beside the water, as his heart desired, in order that he might find the door to health opened to him.
  • بر لب جو صوفیی بنشسته بود  ** دست و رو می‌شست و پاکی می‌فزود 
  • On the river-bank a Súfí was seated, washing his hands and face and cleansing himself more and more.