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  • نیستش بر خر نشاندن مجتهد  ** نقش هیزم را کسی بر خر نهد 
  • ‘Tis not a sound legal decision to mount him (the defendant) on an ass (and parade him): does any one lay upon an ass a (mere) picture of firewood?
  • بر نشست او نه پشت خر سزد  ** پشت تابوتیش اولیتر سزد 
  • The back of an ass is not his proper seat: the back of a bier is more fitting for him.          
  • ظلم چه بود وضع غیر موضعش  ** هین مکن در غیر موضع ضایعش 
  • What is injustice? To put (a thing) out of its proper place: beware, do not let it be lost (by putting it) out of its place.”
  • گفت صوفی پس روا داری که او  ** سیلیم زد بی‌قصاص و بی‌تسو 
  • The Súfi said, “Then do you think it right for him to slap me without (my taking) retaliation and without (his paying) a farthing?
  • این روا باشد که خر خرسی قلاش  ** صوفیان را صفع اندازد بلاش  1560
  • Is it right that a big rascally bear should inflict slaps on Súfis for nothing?”
  • گفت قاضی تو چه داری بیش و کم  ** گفت دارم در جهان من شش درم 
  • The Cadi said (to the defendant), “What (coins) have you, larger or smaller?” He replied, “I have (only) six dirhems in the world.”
  • گفت قاضی سه درم تو خرج کن  ** آن سه دیگر را به او ده بی‌سخن 
  • Said the Cadi, “Spend three dirhems (on yourself) and give the other three to him without (any further) words.
  • زار و رنجورست و درویش و ضعیف  ** سه درم در بایدش تره و رغیف 
  • (For,” he thought to himself), “he (the defendant) is weak and ill and poor and infirm: he will need three dirhems for vegetables and loaves.”
  • بر قفای قاضی افتادش نظر  ** از قفای صوفی آن بد خوب‌تر 
  • His (the defendant’s) eye fall on the nape of the Cadi’s neck: it was better (more inviting) than the nape of the Súfi.
  • راست می‌کرد از پی سیلیش دست  ** که قصاص سیلیم ارزان شدست  1565
  • He raised his hand to slap it, saying (to himself), “The retaliation (penalty) for my slap has been made cheap.”