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  • پاره‌ای دزدید و کردش زیر ران  ** از جز حق از همه احیا نهان 
  • He (the tailor) filched a shred (of satin) and put it under his thigh, (where it was) hidden from all living beings except God.
  • حق همی‌دید آن ولی ستارخوست  ** لیک چون از حد بری غماز اوست  1695
  • God saw it, but He is disposed to cover up (sins); yet when you carry (them) beyond bounds He is a tell-tale.
  • ترک را از لذت افسانه‌اش  ** رفت از دل دعوی پیشانه‌اش 
  • From his delight in his (the tailor's) anecdotes the Turk's former boast went out of his head.
  • اطلس چه دعوی چه رهن چه  ** ترک سرمستست در لاغ اچی 
  • What satin? What boast? What wager? The Turk is intoxicated with the jokes of the pasha.
  • لابه کردش ترک کز بهر خدا  ** لاغ می‌گو که مرا شد مغتذا 
  • The Turk implored him, crying, ‘For God's sake go on telling jokes, for they are meat to me.’
  • گفت لاغی خندمینی آن دغا  ** که فتاد از قهقهه او بر قفا 
  • (Then) the rascal told such a ridiculous story that he (the Turk) fell on his back in an explosion of laughter.
  • پاره‌ای اطلس سبک بر نیفه زد  ** ترک غافل خوش مضاحک می‌مزد  1700
  • He (the tailor) swiftly clapped a shred of satin to the hem of his under-breeches, while the Turk was paying no attention and greedily sucking in (absorbing) the jests.
  • هم‌چنین بار سوم ترک خطا  ** گفت لاغی گوی از بهر خدا 
  • Still (continuing his entreaties), the Turk of Khitá said for the third time, ‘Tell me a joke for God's sake!’
  • گفت لاغی خندمین‌تر زان دو بار  ** کرد او این ترک را کلی شکار 
  • He (the tailor) told a story more laughable than (those which he had related) on the two previous occasions, and made this Turk entirely his prey.
  • چشم بسته عقل جسته مولهه  ** مست ترک مدعی از قهقهه 
  • His eyes shut, his reason flown, bewildered, the boastful Turk was intoxicated with guffaws.