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  • هرکجا سخته کمانی بود چست  ** تیر داد انداخت و هر سو گنج جست 
  • Wherever an energetic drawer of the strongbow was (to be found), he (the king) gave (him) arrows to shoot and searched for the treasure in every direction.
  • غیر تشویش و غم و طامات نی  ** هم‌چو عنقا نام فاش و ذات نی 
  • (The result was) nothing but vexation and grief and futilities: as (in the case of) the ‘Anqá, the name (of the treasure) was known to all, but the essence (reality) was non-existent.
  • نومید شدن آن پادشاه از یافتن آن گنج و ملول شدن او از طلب آن 
  • How the king despaired of finding the treasure and became weary of searching for it.
  • چونک تعویق آمد اندر عرض و طول  ** شاه شد زان گنج دل سیر و ملول 
  • When he met with obstacles (to success) in (all) the breadth and length (of his enterprise), the king became sick at heart and weary.
  • دشتها را گز گز آن شه چاه کند  ** رقعه را از خشم پیش او فکند  1960
  • (After) the king (had) dug pits in the deserts, yard by yard, he threw the scroll wrathfully before him (the fakir).
  • گفت گیر این رقعه کش آثار نیست  ** تو بدین اولیتری کت کار نیست 
  • “Take this scroll,” said he, “which has no (good) effects; you are the fittest (owner) for it, since you have no work.
  • نیست این کار کسی کش هست کار  ** که بسوزد گل بگردد گرد خار 
  • It is no use for one who has work (to do) that he should burn the rose and go about (busy himself with) the thorn.
  • نادر افتد اهل این ماخولیا  ** منتظر که روید از آهن گیا 
  • ’Tis singular (how) the victims of this melancholy madness expect grass to grow from iron.
  • سخت جانی باید این فن را چو تو  ** تو که داری جان سخت این را بجو 
  • This specialty needs a man of stout heart like you: do you, who have a stout heart, search for this (treasure).
  • گر نیابی نبودت هرگز ملال  ** ور بیابی آن به تو کردم حلال  1965
  • If you cannot find it, you will never weary (of seeking); and if you find it, I grant you the right of possession.”
  • عقل راه ناامیدی کی رود  ** عشق باشد کان طرف بر سر دود 
  • How should Reason wend the way of despair? ’Tis Love that runs on its head in that direction.