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  • لیک گر بودیش لطف ما سبق  ** کی بدی این بددلی با جذب حق 
  • But if the predestined grace had been (granted) to him, how should this faintheartedness have existed (simultaneously) with God's pull (towards Himself)?
  • الغیاث ای تو غیاث المستغیث  ** زین دو شاخه‌ی اختیارات خبیث  200
  • O Thou who art the Help of those who seek help, help (me to escape) from this pillory of wicked acts of free-will.
  • من ز دستان و ز مکر دل چنان  ** مات گشتم که بماندم از فغان 
  • By the heart's deceit and guile I have been so discomfited that I am left unable (even) to lament.
  • من که باشم چرخ با صد کار و بار  ** زین کمین فریاد کرد از اختیار 
  • Who am I? Heaven, with its hundred (mighty) businesses, cried out for help against this ambush of free-will,
  • که ای خداوند کریم و بردبار  ** ده امانم زین دو شاخه‌ی اختیار 
  • Saying, “Deliver me from this pillory of free-will, O gracious and long-suffering Lord!
  • جذب یک راهه‌ی صراط المستقیم  ** به ز دو راه تردد ای کریم 
  • The one-way pull on the straight Path is better than the two ways of perplexity, O gracious One.
  • زین دو ره گرچه همه مقصد توی  ** لیک خود جان کندن آمد این دوی  205
  • Although Thou art the entire (only) goal of these two ways, yet indeed this duality is agonising to the spirit.
  • زین دو ره گرچه به جز تو عزم نیست  ** لیک هرگز رزم هم‌چون بزم نیست 
  • Although the destination of these two ways is unto Thee alone, yet the battle is never like the banquet.”
  • در نبی بشنو بیانش از خدا  ** آیت اشفقن ان یحملنها 
  • Hearken to the explanation thereof given by God in the Qur’án, (namely) the Verse they shrank from bearing it.
  • این تردد هست در دل چون وغا  ** کین بود به یا که آن حال مرا 
  • This perplexity in the heart is like war: (when a man is perplexed he says, “I wonder) whether this is better for my case or that.”