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  • آل موسی کو دریغا تاکنون  ** عابدان عجل را ریزند خون 
  • Alas, where are the family of Moses that now they might shed the blood of the calf-worshippers
  • شرع و تقوی را فکنده سوی پشت  ** کو عمر کو امر معروفی درشت  2065
  • (Who) have cast religion and piety behind their backs? Where is ‘Umar? Where is a stern command to act righteously?
  • کین اباحت زین جماعت فاش شد  ** رخصت هر مفسد قلاش شد 
  • For the licence practised by these people has become notorious: ’tis an indulgence enjoyed by every scoundrelly evil-doer.
  • کو ره پیغامبری و اصحاب او  ** کو نماز و سبحه و آداب او 
  • Where is the Way of the Prophet and his Companions? Where are his ritual prayer and rosary and (religious) observances?”
  • جواب گفتن مرید و زجر کردن مرید آن طعانه را از کفر و بیهوده گفتن 
  • How the disciple answered that railing woman and bade her refrain from her unbelief and idle talk.
  • بانگ زد بر وی جوان و گفت بس  ** روز روشن از کجا آمد عسس 
  • The youth cried out at her and said, “Enough! In bright daylight where did the night-patrol come from?
  • نور مردان مشرق و مغرب گرفت  ** اسمانها سجده کردند از شگفت 
  • The splendour of the (holy) men has overspread the East and the West: the heavens have bowed low in amazement.
  • آفتاب حق بر آمد از حمل  ** زیر چادر رفت خورشید از خجل  2070
  • The Sun of God has risen from (the sign of) the Ram: the (material) sun has gone, shamefaced, under the veil.
  • ترهات چون تو ابلیسی مرا  ** کی بگرداند ز خاک این سرا 
  • How should the bletherings of a devil like you turn me back from the dust of this abode?
  • من به بادی نامدم هم‌چون سحاب  ** تا بگردی باز گردم زین جناب 
  • I have not (been impelled to) come by a wind (of vain desire) like a cloud, that I should be turned back from this (holy) presence by a dust (of foolish words).
  • عجل با آن نور شد قبله‌ی کرم  ** قبله بی آن نور شد کفر و صنم 
  • By virtue of that Light the calf becomes a qibla of (Divine) grace; without that Light the qibla becomes (a symbol of) infidelity and an idol.