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  • رو دعا کن که سگ این موطنی  ** ورنه اکنون کردمی من کردنی 
  • Go and thank God that thou art the dog of this dwelling-place, (for) otherwise I would do now what ought to be done.”
  • واگشتن مرید از وثاق شیخ و پرسیدن از مردم و نشان دادن ایشان کی شیخ به فلان بیشه رفته است 
  • How the disciple turned back from the Shaykh's house and questioned the people (in the neighbourhood), and how they directed him, saying, “The Shaykh has gone to such and such a forest.”
  • بعد از آن پرسان شد او از هر کسی  ** شیخ را می‌جست از هر سو بسی  2115
  • Afterwards he began to inquire of every one and sought the Shaykh for a long while in every quarter.
  • پس کسی گفتش که آن قطب دیار  ** رفت تا هیزم کشد از کوهسار 
  • Then (at last) somebody said to him, “That Qutb (Pivot) of the world has gone to fetch faggots from the hilly country.”
  • آن مرید ذوالفقاراندیش تفت  ** در هوای شیخ سوی بیشه رفت 
  • The disciple, whose thoughts were (like) Dhu ’l-faqár (a sharp sword), ran quickly to the forest in eager desire for the Shaykh.
  • دیو می‌آورد پیش هوش مرد  ** وسوسه تا خفیه گردد مه ز گرد 
  • (But) the Devil was introducing to the (young) man's mind an evil suggestion, in order that the (spiritual) Moon might be concealed by dust,
  • کین چنین زن را چرا این شیخ دین  ** دارد اندر خانه یار و همنشین 
  • Namely, “Why should this Shaykh of the (true) religion keep in his house a woman like this as his mate and companion?
  • ضد را با ضد ایناس از کجا  ** با امام‌الناس نسناس از کجا  2120
  • Whence (this) familiarity between opposite and opposite? Whence (comes it that) a nasnás (anthropoid ape) is (associated) with the Imám of mankind?”
  • باز او لاحول می‌کرد آتشین  ** که اعتراض من برو کفرست و کین 
  • Then again he was exclaiming fervidly, “God help me! My impugning him (the Shaykh) is infidelity and enmity.
  • من کی باشم با تصرفهای حق  ** که بر آرد نفس من اشکال و دق 
  • Who am I, in view of God's exercising (absolute) control (over everything he does), that my carnal soul should raise difficulties and objections?”
  • باز نفسش حمله می‌آورد زود  ** زین تعرف در دلش چون کاه دود 
  • But soon his carnal soul was returning to the attack—(for) in consequence of this acquaintance (there was) smoke in his straw-like heart—