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  • نه خیال و نه حقیقت را امان  ** زین چنین آتش که شعله زد ز جان 
  • Neither for phantasy nor for reality is there any protection against a fire like this which flamed forth from the Spirit.
  • خصم هر شیر آمد و هر روبه او  ** کل شیء هالک الا وجهه 
  • He is the adversary of every lion and every fox: everything is perishing except His Face.
  • در وجوه وجه او رو خرج شو  ** چون الف در بسم در رو درج شو 
  • Go into His aspects (attributes) and Face (Essence), become spent (emptied of self): go in, become enveloped (suppressed), like the alif in bism.
  • آن الف در بسم پنهان کرد ایست  ** هست او در بسم و هم در بسم نیست  2240
  • In bism the alif has stayed hidden: it is in bism and also it is not in bism.
  • هم‌چنین جمله‌ی حروف گشته مات  ** وقت حذف حرف از بهر صلات 
  • Such is the case with all the letters that disappear when they are elided for the purpose of (effecting) conjunctions.
  • از صله‌ست و بی و سین زو وصل یافت  ** وصل بی و سین الف را بر نتافت 
  • It (the suppressed alif in bism) is a sila (means of conjunction) and through it the b and the s have attained to union: the union of the b and the s could not bear the (external intervention of the) alif.
  • چونک حرفی برنتابد این وصال  ** واجب آید که کنم کوته مقال 
  • Since this union cannot bear (the intervention of) a single letter, it behoves me to cut short the discourse.
  • چون یکی حرفی فراق سین و بیست  ** خامشی اینجا مهمتر واجبیست 
  • Since a single letter is the cause of separation between the s and the b, here silence is a most urgent duty.
  • چون الف از خود فنا شد مکتنف  ** بی و سین بی او همی‌گویند الف  2245
  • When the alif has passed away from self(-existence), taking shelter (in self-abandonment), the b and the s say “alif” without it.
  • ما رمیت اذ رمیت بی ویست  ** هم‌چنین قال الله از صمتش بجست 
  • (The words) thou didst not throw when thou threwest are (an utterance spoken) without him (the Prophet); likewise (the words) God said sprang from his silence.