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  • هر کسی دانند ای فخر البنین  ** که فزون باشد فن چرخ از زمین 
  • Every one knows, O pride of the sons (of Adam), that the artifice of the celestial sphere exceeds (that of) the earth.”
  • حکایت اشتر و گاو و قج که در راه بند گیاه یافتند هر یکی می‌گفت من خورم 
  • Story of the camel and the ox and the ram who found a bunch of grass on the road, and each said, “I will eat it.”
  • اشتر و گاو و قجی در پیش راه  ** یافتند اندر روش بندی گیاه 
  • Whilst a camel, ox, and ram were going along, they found a bunch of grass in front of (them on) the road.
  • گفت قج بخش ار کنیم این را یقین  ** هیچ کس از ما نگردد سیر ازین 
  • The ram said, “If we divide this, certainly none of us will get his fill of it;
  • لیک عمر هرکه باشد بیشتر  ** این علف اوراست اولی گو بخور 
  • But whichever of us has lived longest has the best right to this fodder: let him eat;
  • که اکابر را مقدم داشتن  ** آمدست از مصطفی اندر سنن  2460
  • For (the injunction) to give the foremost place to the seniors has come from Mustafá (Mohammed) among the practices observed by him,
  • گرچه پیران را درین دور لام  ** در دو موضع پیش می‌دارند عام 
  • Although, at this time when vile men hold sway, the vulgar put forward the elders on two occasions (only),
  • یا در آن لوتی که آن سوزان بود  ** یا بر آن پل کز خلل ویران بود 
  • Either in (tasting) food that is burning hot, or on a bridge that is (damaged) by cracks (and) in a state of ruin.
  • خدمت شیخی بزرگی قایدی  ** عام نارد بی‌قرینه‌ی فاسدی 
  • The vulgar do not pay homage to a venerable Shaykh and leader without some mischievous idea associated (with their homage).
  • خیرشان اینست چه بود شرشان  ** قبحشان را باز دان از فرشان 
  • This is their good: what must their evil be? Distinguish their (inward) foulness from their (outward) fairness.”
  • مثل 
  • Parable.
  • سوی جامع می‌شد آن یک شهریار  ** خلق را می‌زد نقیب و چوبدار  2465
  • A king was going to the congregational mosque, and the marshals and mace-bearers were beating the people off.