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  • غلغل و طاق و طرنب و گیر و دار  ** که نمی‌بینم مرا معذور دار 
  • (All this) noise and pompous talk and assumption of authority (only means), “I cannot see: (kindly) excuse me.”
  • منادی کردن سید ملک ترمد کی هر کی در سه یا چهار روز به سمرقند رود به فلان مهم خلعت و اسپ و غلام و کنیزک و چندین زر دهم و شنیدن دلقک خبر این منادی در ده و آمدن به اولاقی نزد شاه کی من باری نتوانم رفتن 
  • How the Sayyid, the King of Tirmid, proclaimed that he would give robes of honour and horses and slave-boys and slave-girls and a large sum in gold to any one who would go on urgent business to Samarcand (and complete the journey) in three or four days; and how Dalqak, having heard the news of this proclamation in the country (where he then was), came post-haste to the king, saying, “I, at all events, cannot go.”
  • سید ترمد که آنجا شاه بود  ** مسخره‌ی او دلقک آگاه بود  2510
  • The sagacious Dalqak was the buffoon (court-jester) of the Sayyid of Tirmid, who reigned in that place (city).
  • داشت کاری در سمرقند او مهم  ** جست‌الاقی تا شود او مستتم 
  • He (the king) had an urgent affair in Samarcand, and wanted a courier in order that he might conclude it.
  • زد منادی هر که اندر پنج روز  ** آردم زانجا خبر بدهم کنوز 
  • (Therefore) he proclaimed that he would bestow (his) treasures on any one who should bring him news from there in five days.
  • دلقک اندر ده بد و آن را شنید  ** بر نشست و تا بترمد می‌دوید 
  • Dalqak was in the country and heard of that (proclamation): he mounted (a horse) and galloped to Tirmid.
  • مرکبی دو اندر آن ره شد سقط  ** از دوانیدن فرس را زان نمط 
  • Two horses dropped (dead) on the way because of his galloping in that (furious) manner.
  • پس به دیوان در دوید از گرد راه  ** وقت ناهنگام ره جست او به شاه  2515
  • Then, (fresh) from the dust of the road, he ran into the council-chamber and demanded admission to the king at an untimely hour.
  • فجفجی در جمله‌ی دیوان فتاد  ** شورشی در وهم آن سلطان فتاد 
  • A whispered rumour arose in the council, and a (feeling of) agitation came into the mind of the Sultan.
  • خاص و عام شهر را دل شد ز دست  ** تا چه تشویش و بلا حادث شدست 
  • The hearts of the nobles and populace of the city were stricken with panic, (for they wondered) what disturbance and calamity had occurred,
  • یا عدوی قاهری در قصد ماست  ** یا بلایی مهلکی از غیب خاست 
  • (Saying), “Either a conquering enemy is about to attack us or a deadly calamity has emerged from the Unseen,