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  • نور او بر ذره‌ها غالب شود  ** آن‌چنان مطلوب را طالب شود  2865
  • Its light overpowers (that of all other) pearls, (because) it desires such an (exalted) object of desire.
  • در نظر بودش مقامات العباد  ** لاجرم نامش خدا شاهد نهاد 
  • (All) the (spiritual) stations (attainments) of God's servants were visible to him (the Prophet): consequently God named him ‘The Witness.’
  • آلت شاهد زبان و چشم تیز  ** که ز شب‌خیزش ندارد سر گریز 
  • The weapons of the Witness are a trenchant (veracious) tongue and a keen eye, whose nightly vigil no secret can elude.
  • گر هزاران مدعی سر بر زند  ** گوش قاضی جانب شاهد کند 
  • Though a thousand pretenders (false witnesses) may raise their heads, the Judge turns his ear towards the Witness.
  • قاضیان را در حکومت این فنست  ** شاهد ایشان را دو چشم روشنست 
  • This is the practice of judges in dealing justice: to them the (truthful) witness is (like) two clear eyes.
  • گفت شاهد زان به جای دیده است  ** کو بدیده‌ی بی‌غرض سر دیده است  2870
  • The words (testimony) of the Witness are equivalent to the eye because he has seen the secret (of Reality) with a disinterested eye.
  • مدعی دیده‌ست اما با غرض  ** پرده باشد دیده‌ی دل را غرض 
  • The pretender (false witness) has seen it (too), but with self-interest: self-interest is a veil upon the eye of the heart.
  • حق همی‌خواهد که تو زاهد شوی  ** تا غرض بگذاری و شاهد شوی 
  • God desires that you should become an ascetic (záhid) in order that you may abandon self-interest and become a Witness (sháhid);
  • کین غرضها پرده‌ی دیده بود  ** بر نظر چون پرده پیچیده بود 
  • For these motives of self-interest are a veil upon the eye: they enfold (muffle) the sight, like a veil.
  • پس نبیند جمله را با طم و رم  ** حبک الاشیاء یعمی و یصم 
  • Therefore he (the self-interested man) does not see the whole in (all its) various aspects: your love of (created) things makes you blind and deaf.