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  • کان کسا از نور صبری یافتست  ** نور جان در تار و پودش تافتست 
  • Because that robe has become inured to the Light: the Light of the Spirit shines through its warp and woof.
  • جز چنین خرقه نخواهد شد صوان  ** نور ما را بر نتابد غیر آن 
  • Nothing will be a (safe) repository (for it) except a mantle like this: nothing else can endure Our Light.
  • کوه قاف ار پیش آید بهرسد  ** هم‌چو کوه طور نورش بر درد  3065
  • If Mt Qáf should come forward as a barrier (to it), the Light would rend it asunder like Mt Sinai.”
  • از کمال قدرت ابدان رجال  ** یافت اندر نور بی‌چون احتمال 
  • Through the (Divine) omnipotence the bodies of (holy) men have gained ability to support the unconditioned Light.
  • آنچ طورش بر نتابد ذره‌ای  ** قدرتش جا سازد از قاروره‌ای 
  • His (God's) power makes a glass vessel the dwelling-place of that (Light) of which Sinai cannot bear (even) a mote.
  • گشت مشکات و زجاجی جای نور  ** که همی‌درد ز نور آن قاف و طور 
  • A lamp-niche and a lamp-glass have become the dwelling-place of the Light by which Mt Qáf and Mt Sinai are torn to pieces.
  • جسمشان مشکات دان دلشان زجاج  ** تافته بر عرش و افلاک این سراج 
  • Know that their (the holy men's) bodies are the lamp-niche and their hearts the glass: this lamp illumines the empyrean and the heavens.
  • نورشان حیران این نور آمده  ** چون ستاره زین ضحی فانی شده  3070
  • Their (the heavens') light is dazzled by this Light and vanishes like the stars in this radiance of morning.
  • زین حکایت کرد آن ختم رسل  ** از ملیک لا یزال و لم یزل 
  • Hence the Seal of the prophets has related (the saying) of the everlasting and eternal Lord—
  • که نگنجیدم در افلاک و خلا  ** در عقول و در نفوس با علا 
  • “I am not contained in the heavens or in the void or in the exalted intelligences and souls;