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  • بعد از آن صبرش نماند و آن دگر  ** بر گشاد و کرد خرج آن قمر  3085
  • Afterwards she could no longer restrain herself and (therefore) she opened the other (eye) and spent it on that Moon.
  • هم‌چنان مرد مجاهد نان دهد  ** چون برو زد نور طاعت جان دهد 
  • Even so the (spiritual) warrior (first) gives away his bread; (but) when the light of devotion strikes on him, he gives away his life.
  • پس زنی گفتش ز چشم عبهری  ** که ز دستت رفت حسرت می‌خوری 
  • Then a woman said to her, “Art thou grieving for the jonquil-like eye that thou hast lost?”
  • گفت حسرت می‌خورم که صد هزار  ** دیده بودی تا همی‌کردم نثار 
  • “I am grieving,” she replied, “(to think) would that I had a hundred thousand eyes to lavish (on that Moon)!
  • روزن چشمم ز مه ویران شدست  ** لیک مه چون گنج در ویران نشست 
  • The window, (which is) mine eye, has been ruined by the Moon; but the Moon is seated (there) like the (buried) treasure in the ruin.
  • کی گذارد گنج کین ویرانه‌ام  ** یاد آرد از رواق و خانه‌ام  3090
  • How should the treasure let this ruin of mine have (any regretful) memory of my porch and house?”
  • نور روی یوسفی وقت عبور  ** می‌فتادی در شباک هر قصور 
  • The light of Joseph's face, when he was passing by, used to fall on the latticed windows of every villa,
  • پس بگفتندی درون خانه در  ** یوسفست این سو به سیران و گذر 
  • And the people within the house would say, “Joseph is taking a walk in this quarter and passing by”;
  • زانک بر دیوار دیدندی شعاع  ** فهم کردندی پس اصحاب بقاع 
  • For they would see the radiance on the wall, and then the landlords (inmates) would understand (the cause of it).
  • خانه‌ای را کش دریچه‌ست آن طرف  ** دارد از سیران آن یوسف شرف 
  • The house that has its window in that direction is ennobled by that Joseph's walking for recreation.