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  • شه غلام او شد از علم و هنر  ** ملک علم از ملک حسن استوده‌تر  3105
  • Because of his knowledge and skill (in interpretation) the King (of Egypt) became his slave: the kingdom of knowledge is more praiseworthy than the kingdom of beauty.
  • رجوع کردن به حکایت آن شخص وام کرده و آمدن او به امید عنایت آن محتسب سوی تبریز 
  • Return to the Story of the man who incurred (great) debts and his coming to Tabríz in hope of (enjoying) the favour of the Inspector of Police.
  • آن غریب ممتحن از بیم وام  ** در ره آمد سوی آن دارالسلام 
  • The poor stranger, (who was) afflicted with fear on account of his debts, set out on the way to that Abode of Peace.
  • شد سوی تبریز و کوی گلستان  ** خفته اومیدش فراز گل ستان 
  • He went to Tabríz and the rose-garden district: his hope was reclining (luxuriously) on roses.
  • زد ز دارالملک تبریز سنی  ** بر امیدش روشنی بر روشنی 
  • From the glorious imperial city of Tabríz darted (beams of) light upon light (and shed radiance) on his hope.
  • جانش خندان شد از آن روضه‌ی رجال  ** از نسیم یوسف و مصر وصال 
  • His spirit was laughing for (joy in) that orchard of (noble) men and the fragrant breeze (blowing) from Joseph and the Egypt of union.
  • گفت یا حادی انخ لی ناقتی  ** جاء اسعادی و طارت فاقتی  3110
  • He cried, “O cameleer, let my camel kneel for me (to alight): my help is come and my need is flown.
  • ابرکی یا ناقتی طاب الامور  ** ان تبریزا مناخات الصدور 
  • Kneel down, O my camel! All goes well: verily, Tabríz is the place where princes alight (and abide).
  • اسرحی یا ناقتی حول الریاض  ** ان تبریزا لنا نعم المفاض 
  • Graze, O my camel, round the meadows: verily Tabríz is for us the most excellent source of bountifulness.
  • ساربانا بار بگشا ز اشتران  ** شهر تبریزست و کوی گلستان 
  • O camel-driver, unload the camels: ’tis the city of Tabríz and the district of the rose-garden.
  • فر فردوسیست این پالیز را  ** شعشعه‌ی عرشیست این تبریز را 
  • This garden hath the splendour of Paradise: this Tabríz hath the brilliance of Heaven.