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  • اندرین کاشان خاک از احولی  ** چون عمر می‌گرد چو نبوی علی 
  • Because of seeing double, wander (to and fro) like ‘Umar in this Káshán of earth, since you are not ‘Alí.
  • هست احول را درین ویرانه دیر  ** گوشه گوشه نقل نو ای ثم خیر 
  • In this ruined monastery the man who sees double is (continually) removing from one nook to another, O (you who say to yourself), “The good (which I seek) is (to be found) there.”
  • ور دو چشم حق‌شناس آمد ترا  ** دوست پر بین عرصه‌ی هر دو سرا 
  • But if you get two eyes that can recognise God, (you will) see (that) the (entire) expanse of both worlds (is) full of the Beloved,
  • وا رهیدی از حواله‌ی جا به جا  ** اندرین کاشان پر خوف و رجا  3235
  • (And so) you escape from being transferred from place to place in this Káshán (which is) filled with fear and hope.
  • اندرین جو غنچه دیدی یا شجر  ** هم‌چو هر جو تو خیالش ظن مبر 
  • (If) you have seen buds or trees (reflected) in this River, do not suppose that they are a phantom (illusion) like (those of) any (ordinary) river;
  • که ترا از عین این عکس نقوش  ** حق حقیقت گردد و میوه‌فروش 
  • For by means of the very reflexion of these images God is made real to you and sells (to you) the fruit (of reality).
  • چشم ازین آب از حول حر می‌شود  ** عکس می‌بیند سد پر می‌شود 
  • By means of this Water the eye is freed from seeing double: it sees the reflexion, and the basket is filled (with fruit).
  • پس به معنی باغ باشد این نه آب  ** پس مشو عریان چو بلقیس از حباب 
  • Therefore this (Water) is really an orchard, not water: do not, then, like Bilqís, strip yourself from (fear of being splashed by) the waves.
  • بار گوناگونست بر پشت خران  ** هین به یک چون این خران را تو مران  3240
  • Diverse loads are (laid) upon the backs of asses: do not drive (all) these asses with one (and the same) stick.
  • بر یکی خر بار لعل و گوهرست  ** بر یکی خر بار سنگ و مرمرست 
  • One ass is laden with rubies and pearls, another with (common) stones and marble.