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  • ای من و صد هم‌چو من در ماه و سال  ** مر ترا چون نسل تو گشته عیال 
  • O thou to whom in (every) month and year I and a hundred like me had become a family (tenderly cared for) like thine own children,
  • نقد ما و جنس ما و رخت ما  ** نام ما و فخر ما و بخت ما 
  • Thou wert our ready money and our movables and our furniture, our fame and our glory and our fortune.
  • تو نمردی ناز و بخت ما بمرد  ** عیش ما و رزق مستوفی بمرد 
  • Thou art not dead; (but) our luxury and fortune are dead, our happy life is dead and the sustenance that was provided in full measure.
  • واحد کالالف در رزم و کرم  ** صد چو حاتم گاه ایثار نعم  3275
  • (Thou wert) a single person like (equivalent to) a thousand in warfare and in generosity; (thou wert) as a hundred Hátims in the hour of lavishing bounties unselfishly.
  • حاتم ار مرده به مرده می‌دهد  ** گردگان‌های شمرده می‌دهد 
  • If Hátim bestows dead (worldly goods) on the (spiritually) dead (worldlings), he (is like one who) bestows a certain number of walnuts (on children).
  • تو حیاتی می‌دهی در هر نفس  ** کز نفیسی می‌نگنجد در نفس 
  • Thou at every moment art bestowing a life that, because of its preciousness, cannot be contained in breath (words).
  • تو حیاتی می‌دهی بس پایدار  ** نقد زر بی‌کساد و بی‌شمار 
  • Thou art bestowing a life exceedingly enduring, real gold coin exempt from depreciation and beyond count.
  • وارثی نا بوده یک خوی ترا  ** ای فلک سجده کنان کوی ترا 
  • There exists no heir (even) to one (noble) disposition of thine, O thou to whose abode Heaven is bowing in worship.
  • خلق را از گرگ غم لطفت شبان  ** چون کلیم الله شبان مهربان  3280
  • Thy grace is the shepherd of all who have been created, (guarding them) from the wolf of pain—a loving shepherd like God's Kalím (Moses).”
  • گوسفندی از کلیم الله گریخت  ** پای موسی آبله شد نعل ریخت 
  • One sheep fled from God's Kalím: the feet of Moses were blistered (in following it) and his shoes dropped off.