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  • آنک سازد در دلت مکر و قیاس  ** آتشی داند زدن اندر پلاس 
  • He who creates deception and (false) analogy in your heart can (also) set the sackcloth (of deception) on fire.
  • رجوع کردن به قصه‌ی آن پای‌مرد و آن غریب وام‌دار و بازگشتن ایشان از سر گور خواجه و خواب دیدن پای‌مرد خواجه را الی آخره 
  • Return to the Story of the bailiff and the poor debtor: how they turned back from the Khwája's grave, and how the bailiff saw the Khwája in a dream, etc.
  • بی‌نهایت آمد این خوش سرگذشت  ** چون غریب از گور خواجه باز گشت 
  • This goodly episode is endless (too long to relate in full). When the poor stranger turned back from the Khwája's grave,
  • پای مردش سوی خانه‌ی خویش برد  ** مهر صد دینار را فا او سپرد 
  • The bailiff took him to his house and handed over to him the purse of a hundred dinars.
  • لوتش آورد و حکایت‌هاش گفت  ** کز امید اندر دلش صد گل شکفت  3520
  • He fetched viands for him and told him stories, so that from the (feeling of) hope (with which the bailiff inspired him) a hundred roses blossomed in his heart.
  • آنچ بعد العسر یسر او دیده بود  ** با غریب از قصه‌ی آن لب گشود 
  • He (the bailiff) opened his lips to relate the ease (prosperity) which he had experienced after difficulty (adversity).
  • نیم‌شب بگذشت و افسانه کنان  ** خوابشان انداخت تا مرعای جان 
  • Midnight passed, and (he was still) narrating: (then) sleep transported them to the meadow where the spirit feeds.
  • دید پامرد آن همایون خواجه را  ** اندر آن شب خواب بر صدر سرا 
  • On that night the bailiff dreamed that he saw the blessed Khwája (seated) on the high-seat in the (heavenly) palace.
  • خواجه گفت ای پای‌مرد با نمک  ** آنچ گفتی من شنیدم یک به یک 
  • The Khwája said, “O excellent bailiff, I have heard what you said, point by point,
  • لیک پاسخ دادنم فرمان نبود  ** بی‌اشارت لب نیارستم گشود  3525
  • But I was not commanded to answer, and I durst not open my lips without being directed.
  • ما چو واقف گشته‌ایم از چون و چند  ** مهر با لب‌های ما بنهاده‌اند 
  • Now that we have become acquainted with the conditions and degrees (of the spiritual world), a seal has been laid upon our lips,