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  • خود بدان قلعه نمی‌شد خیلشان  ** خود نمی‌افتاد آن سو میلشان  3655
  • Their party would never have approached the fortress, their desire would never have inclined towards it;
  • کان نبد معروف بس مهجور بود  ** از قلاع و از مناهج دور بود 
  • For it was not well-known: it was exceedingly remote and aloof from the (other) fortresses and the highways.
  • چون بکرد آن منع دلشان زان مقال  ** در هوس افتاد و در کوی خیال 
  • (But) when he (the King) uttered that prohibition, their hearts were thrown by his speech into vain desire and into the quarter of phantasy,
  • رغبتی زین منع در دلشان برست  ** که بباید سر آن را باز جست 
  • And, because of this prohibition, a craving arose in their hearts to investigate the secret of that (fortress).
  • کیست کز ممنوع گردد ممتنع  ** چونک الانسان حریص ما منع 
  • Who is (to be found) that will refrain from the forbidden thing, since man longs eagerly for what is forbidden?
  • نهی بر اهل تقی تبغیض شد  ** نهی بر اهل هوا تحریض شد  3660
  • The veto causes the devout to hate (that which is vetoed); the veto incites the sensual to covet it.
  • پس ازین یغوی به قوما کثیر  ** هم ازین یهدی به قلبا خبیر 
  • Therefore He (God) leads many folk astray by this means, and by the same means He guides aright (many) a knowing heart.
  • کی رمد از نی حمام آشنا  ** بل رمد زان نی حمامات هوا 
  • How should the friendly dove be scared by the (fowler's) pipe? Nay, (only) the (wild) doves in the air are scared by that pipe.
  • پس بگفتندش که خدمتها کنیم  ** بر سمعنا و اطعناها تنیم 
  • Then they (the princes) said to him (the King), “We will perform the services (required of us), we will be intent on hearing and obeying (thy commands).
  • رو نگردانیم از فرمان تو  ** کفر باشد غفلت از احسان تو 
  • We will not turn aside from thy commands: ’twould be ingratitude to forget thy kindness”;