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  • سوی باده‌بخش بگشا پهن فم  ** چون رسد باده نیاید جام کم 
  • Open thy mouth wide to the Giver of the wine: when the wine comes, the cup will not be lacking.
  • آدما معنی دلبندم بجوی  ** ترک قشر و صورت گندم بگوی  3710
  • (God said), “O Adam, seek My heart-enthralling Reality: take leave of the husk and (outward) form of the (forbidden) wheat.”
  • چونک ریگی آرد شد بهر خلیل  ** دانک معزولست گندم ای نبیل 
  • Since sand was turned into flour for the Friend (Abraham), know that the wheat is deposed from its office, O noble one.
  • صورت از بی‌صورت آید در وجود  ** هم‌چنانک از آتشی زادست دود 
  • Form is brought into existence by the Formless, just as smoke is produced by a fire.
  • کمترین عیب مصور در خصال  ** چون پیاپی بینیش آید ملال 
  • The least blemish in the qualities of that which is endowed with form becomes annoying when you regard it continually;
  • حیرت محض آردت بی‌صورتی  ** زاده صد گون آلت از بی‌آلتی 
  • (But) Formlessness throws you into absolute bewilderment: from non-instrumentality a hundred kinds of instruments are born.
  • بی ز دستی دست‌ها بافد همی  ** جان جان سازد مصور آدمی  3715
  • Handlessness is weaving (fashioning) hands: the Soul of the soul makes a (fully) formed Man.
  • آنچنان که اندر دل از هجر و وصال  ** می‌شود بافیده گوناگون خیال 
  • ’Tis like as (when) from separation and union diverse fancies are woven (conceived) in the heart.
  • هیچ ماند این مثر با اثر  ** هیچ ماند بانگ و نوحه با ضرر 
  • Does this cause ever resemble its effect? Does the cry (of pain) and lamentation ever resemble the loss (that caused it)?
  • نوحه را صورت ضرر بی‌صورتست  ** دست خایند از ضرر کش نیست دست 
  • The lamentation has a form, the loss is formless: they (the losers) gnaw their hands on account of a loss that has no hand.