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  • این به قدر حیله‌ی معدود نیست  ** زین حیل تا تو نمیری سود نیست 
  • This is not (to be gained) by a certain amount of contrivance: nothing avails until you die to (all) these contrivings.
  • حکایت صدر جهان بخارا کی هر سایلی کی به زبان بخواستی از صدقه‌ی عام بی‌دریغ او محروم شدی و آن دانشمند درویش به فراموشی و فرط حرص و تعجیل به زبان بخواست در موکب صدر جهان از وی رو بگردانید و او هر روز حیله‌ی نو ساختی و خود را گاه زن کردی زیر چادر وگاه نابینا کردی و چشم و روی خود بسته به فراستش بشناختی الی آخره 
  • Story of the Sadr-i Jahán of Bukhárá. (It was his custom that) any beggar who begged with his tongue was excluded from his universal and unstinted charity. A certain poor savant, forgetting (this rule) and being excessively eager and in a hurry, begged (alms) with his tongue (while the Sadr was passing) amidst his cavalcade. The Sadr-i Jahán averted his face from him, and (though) he contrived a new trick every day and disguised himself, now as a woman veiled in a chádar and now as a blind man with bandaged eyes and face, he (the Sadr) always had discernment enough to recognize him, etc.
  • در بخارا خوی آن خواجیم اجل  ** بود با خواهندگان حسن عمل 
  • It was the habit of that most noble lord in Bukhárá to deal kindly with beggars.
  • داد بسیار و عطای بی‌شمار  ** تا به شب بودی ز جودش زر نثار  3800
  • His great bounty and immeasurable munificence were always scattering gold till nightfall.
  • زر به کاغذپاره‌ها پیچیده بود  ** تا وجودش بود می‌افشاند جود 
  • The gold was wrapped in bits of paper: he continued to lavish bounty as long as he lived.
  • هم‌چو خورشید و چو ماه پاک‌باز  ** آنچ گیرند از ضیا بدهند باز 
  • (He was) like the sun and the spendthrift moon; (for) they give back (all) the radiance that they receive (from God).
  • خاک را زربخش کی بود آفتاب  ** زر ازو در کان و گنج اندر خراب 
  • Who bestows gold on the earth? The sun. Through him, gold is in the mine and treasure in the ruin.
  • هر صباحی یک گره را راتبه  ** تا نماند امتی زو خایبه 
  • Every morning an allowance (was distributed) to a (different) set of people, in order that no class should be left disappointed by him.
  • مبتلایان را بدی روزی عطا  ** روز دیگر بیوگان را آن سخا  3805
  • On one day his gifts were made to those afflicted (by disease); next day the same generosity (was shown) to widows;
  • روز دیگر بر علویان مقل  ** با فقیهان فقیر مشتغل 
  • Next day to impoverished descendants of ‘Alí together with poor jurists engaged in study (of the canon-law);
  • روز دیگر بر تهی‌دستان عام  ** روز دیگر بر گرفتاران وام 
  • Next day to empty-handed common folk; next day to persons fallen into debt.