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  • شیرگیر و خوش شد انگشتک بزد  ** سوی مبرز رفت تا میزک کند 
  • He became pot-valiant and jolly and snapped his fingers: in latrinam ivit ut mingeret. [He became pot-valiant and jolly and snapped his fingers: he went to the latrine in order to urinate.]
  • یک کنیزک بود در مبرز چو ماه  ** سخت زیبا و ز قرناقان شاه 
  • Erat in latrina puella lunae similis, venustissima, una de regis ancillis. [A maiden as (lovely as) the (full) moon was in the latrine, very beautiful and one of the maidservants of the king.]
  • چون بدید او را دهانش باز ماند  ** عقل رفت و تن ستم‌پرداز ماند 
  • When he espied her, his mouth gaped in amazement, his reason fled and his body was ready for violence.
  • عمرها بوده عزب مشتاق و مست  ** بر کنیزک در زمان در زد دو دست 
  • Per aeva coelebs vixerat: extemplo cupidine et furore accensus puellae manus injecit. [He had been a bachelor (for) ages: passionate and drunk (with lust), he immediately grabbed the maidservant (with his) two hands.]
  • بس طپید آن دختر و نعره فراشت  ** بر نیامد با وی و سودی نداشت  3945
  • Valde trepidavit puella et clamorem sustulit: ei non poterat resistere, operam perdidit. [The maiden trembled greatly and raised a clamor: she could not oppose him and (her resistance) had no benefit.]
  • زن به دست مرد در وقت لقا  ** چون خمیر آمد به دست نانبا 
  • Femina viro in manus tempore congressus tradita is like dough in the hands of a baker. [A woman in the hands of a man at the moment of (such an) encounter is like dough in the hands of a baker.]
  • بسرشد گاهیش نرم و گه درشت  ** زو بر آرد چاق چاقی زیر مشت 
  • He kneads it now gently, now roughly, and makes it groan under (the thumps of) his fist;
  • گاه پهنش واکشد بر تخته‌ای  ** درهمش آرد گهی یک لخته‌ای 
  • Now he draws it out flat on a board (rolling-pin), now for a bit he rolls it up;
  • گاه در وی ریزد آب و گه نمک  ** از تنور و آتشش سازد محک 
  • Now he pours water on it and now salt: he puts it to the ordeal of oven and fire.
  • این چنین پیچند مطلوب و طلوب  ** اندرین لعبند مغلوب و غلوب  3950
  • Thus are the sought and the seeker intertwined: (both) the conquered and the conqueror are (engaged) in this sport.