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  • پادشاهم کار من عدلست و داد  ** زان خورم که یار را جودم بداد 
  • I am the king: my business is (to show) justice and bounty: I drink of that which my munificence bestowed on my friend.
  • آنچ آن را من ننوشم هم‌چو نوش  ** کی دهم در خورد یار و خویش و توش  3970
  • How should I give friend and kinsman for food and drink what I (myself) would not (eat and) drink as (gladly as) honey?
  • زان خورانم من غلامان را که من  ** می‌خورم بر خوان خاص خویشتن 
  • I let my pages eat and drink of that which I eat and drink at my own private table.
  • زان خورانم بندگان را از طعام  ** که خورم من خود ز پخته یا ز خام 
  • I give my slaves the same food, cooked or raw, as I eat myself.
  • من چو پوشم از خز و اطلس لباس  ** زان بپوشانم حشم را نه پلاس 
  • When I put on a robe of silk or satin, I clothe my retainers in the same (fabric), not in coarse woollen garments.
  • شرم دارم از نبی ذو فنون  ** البسوهم گفت مما تلبسون 
  • I feel reverence for the all-accomplished Prophet, who said, ‘Clothe them in that wherewith ye clothe yourselves.’
  • مصطفی کرد این وصیت با بنون  ** اطعموا الاذناب مما تاکلون  3975
  • Mustafá (Mohammed) gave his (spiritual) sons this injunction —Feed your dependents with what ye eat (yourselves).’”
  • دیگران را بس به طبع آورده‌ای  ** در صبوری چست و راغب کرده‌ای 
  • You have often restored others to a good disposition: you have made them ready and willing to show fortitude.
  • هم به طبع‌آور بمردی خویش را  ** پیشوا کن عقل صبراندیش را 
  • (Now) manfully restore yourself too to (that) disposition: take the reason that meditates on fortitude as your guide.
  • چون قلاووزی صبرت پر شود  ** جان به اوج عرش و کرسی بر شود 
  • When the guidance of fortitude becomes a wing for you, your spirit will soar to the zenith of the (Divine) Throne and Footstool.