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  • من نجویم زین سپس راه اثیر  ** پیر جویم پیر جویم پیر پیر 
  • Henceforth I will not seek the way to the Ether (the highest celestial sphere): I will seek the Pír, I will seek the Pír, the Pír, the Pír!
  • پیر باشد نردبان آسمان  ** تیر پران از که گردد از کمان  4125
  • The Pír is the ladder to Heaven: by whom (what) is the arrow made to fly? By the bow.
  • نه ز ابراهیم نمرود گران  ** کرد با کرکس سفر بر آسمان 
  • Was it not Abraham that caused the gross Nimrod to (attempt the) journey to heaven by means of the vulture?
  • از هوا شد سوی بالا او بسی  ** لیک بر گردون نپرد کرکسی 
  • (Impelled) by self-will, he often went upward; but no vulture can fly to heaven.
  • گفتش ابراهیم ای مرد سفر  ** کرکست من باشم اینت خوب‌تر 
  • Abraham said to him, “O traveller, I will be thy vulture: this is more seemly for thee.
  • چون ز من سازی به بالا نردبان  ** بی پریدن بر روی بر آسمان 
  • When thou makest of me a ladder to go aloft, thou wilt ascend to heaven without flying”—
  • آنچنان که می‌رود تا غرب و شرق  ** بی ز زاد و راحله دل هم‌چو برق  4130
  • As the heart (spirit), without provisions or riding-camel, travels (swiftly) as lightning to west and east;
  • آنچنان که می‌رود شب ز اغتراب  ** حس مردم شهرها در وقت خواب 
  • As man's consciousness, wandering abroad whilst he is asleep, travels during the night to (remote) cities;
  • آنچنان که عارف از راه نهان  ** خوش نشسته می‌رود در صد جهان 
  • As the gnostic, sitting quietly (in one place), travels by a hidden track through a hundred worlds.
  • گر ندادستش چنین رفتار دست  ** این خبرها زان ولایت از کیست 
  • If he has not been endowed with power to travel like this, (then) from whom are (derived) these reports concerning that (spiritual) country?