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  • خادع دردند درمان‌های ژاژ  ** ره‌زنند و زرستانان رسم باژ  4305
  • Vain remedies (only) beguile (true) passion: they are (like) brigands and those who extort money in the form of tolls.
  • آب شوری نیست در مان عطش  ** وقت خوردن گر نماید سرد و خوش 
  • A briny water is no remedy for thirst: (even) if it seem cold and delicious at the moment of drinking,
  • لیک خادع گشته و مانع شد ز جست  ** ز آب شیرینی کزو صد سبزه رست 
  • Yet it beguiles (you) and prevents (you) from seeking the sweet water by which a hundred plants are made to grow.
  • هم‌چنین هر زر قلبی مانعست  ** از شناس زر خوش هرجا که هست 
  • Likewise every piece of spurious gold prevents (you) from recognising the good (genuine) gold wherever it is (to be found).
  • پا و پرت را به تزویری برید  ** که مراد تو منم گیر ای مرید 
  • It (the spurious gold) cuts off your feet and (clips) your wings by imposture, saying, “I am what you seek: take me, O seeker.”
  • گفت دردت چینم او خود درد بود  ** مات بود ار چه به ظاهر برد بود  4310
  • It says, “I will remove thy passion,” (but) in truth it is (worthless as) dregs: it is (really) checkmate (defeat) though it is victory in appearance.
  • رو ز درمان دروغین می‌گریز  ** تا شود دردت مصیب و مشک‌بیز 
  • Go, always be fleeing from the false remedy, in order that thy passion may be successful and rich in perfume.
  • گفت نه دزدی تو و نه فاسقی  ** مرد نیکی لیک گول و احمقی 
  • He (the night-patrol) said, “You are not a thief and you are not a reprobate: you are a good man, but you are foolish and silly.
  • بر خیال و خواب چندین ره کنی  ** نیست عقلت را تسوی روشنی 
  • You make such a long journey, (relying) on a phantasy and (mere) dream: your intelligence has not the least spark of brightness.
  • بارها من خواب دیدم مستمر  ** که به بغدادست گنجی مستتر 
  • I have dreamed many times, continuously, that there is a concealed treasure at Baghdád,