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  • در گلستان اندر آید اخشمی  ** کی شود مغزش ز ریحان خرمی 
  • (If) one who cannot smell enter a garden, how should his brain (nose) be delighted by the fragrant herbs?—
  • هم‌چو خوبی دلبری مهمان غر  ** بانگ چنگ و بربطی در پیش کر 
  • Tanquam formosa et venusta hospita viri debilis; (and) like the sound of a harp or lute in the ears of the deaf; [Like a beautiful (and) charming woman (who is) the guest of a feeble (impotent) man; (and like) the sound of a harp or lute in the ears of the deaf;]
  • هم‌چو مرغ خاک که آید در بحار  ** زان چه یابد جز هلاک و جز خسار  4430
  • (And) like the land-bird that falls into great waters: what should it find there but death and perdition?
  • هم‌چو بی‌گندم شده در آسیا  ** جز سپیدی ریش و مو نبود عطا 
  • (And) like one who, having no wheat, goes to a mill: nothing will be given to him except the whitening of his beard and hair (with flour).
  • آسیای چرخ بر بی‌گندمان  ** موسپیدی بخشد و ضعف میان 
  • The celestial mill bestows on those who have no wheat (only) whiteness of hair and weakness in the loins;
  • لیک با باگندمان این آسیا  ** ملک‌بخش آمد دهد کار و کیا 
  • But on those who bring wheat with them this mill bestows empire and gives them sovereign power.
  • اول استعداد جنت بایدت  ** تا ز جنت زندگانی زایدت 
  • You must first be qualified for Paradise in order that from Paradise the (everlasting) life may be born to you.
  • طفل نو را از شراب و از کباب  ** چه حلاوت وز قصور و از قباب  4435
  • What pleasure has the new-born child in wine and roast-meat and palaces and domes?
  • حد ندارد این مثل کم جو سخن  ** تو برو تحصیل استعداد کن 
  • These parables have no limit: do not seek (more) words (of this kind): go and acquire capability!
  • بهر استعداد تا اکنون نشست  ** شوق از حد رفت و آن نامد به دست 
  • (The announcer said), “He tarried until now for the sake of capability (qualification), (but) ere it was acquired his longing burst (all) bounds.”