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  • قوم را پیغام کردی از نهان  ** که نگه دارید دین زین گمرهان 
  • (For) she used to send secret messages to the (unbelieving) folk, saying, “Preserve your religion from (being corrupted by) these erring men!”
  • رفتن قاضی به خانه‌ی زن جوحی و حلقه زدن جوحی به خشم بر در و گریختن قاضی در صندوقی الی آخره 
  • How the cadi went to the house of Júhí's wife, and how Júhí knocked angrily at the door, and how the cadi took refuge in a chest, etc.
  • مکر زن پایان ندارد رفت شب  ** قاضی زیرک سوی زن بهر دب  4475
  • The guile of woman is infinite. The sagacious cadi went at night to the wife ut cum ea coiret. [The guile of woman is infinite. The sagacious cadi went at night to the wife (of Júhí) for sexual intercourse.]
  • زن دو شمع و نقل مجلس راست کرد  ** گفت ما مستیم بی این آب‌خورد 
  • The wife set two (lighted) candles and the dessert for his entertainment. “(I can do) without this drink,” said he: “I am intoxicated (with love).”
  • اندر آن دم جوحی آمد در بزد  ** جست قاضی مهربی تا در خزد 
  • At that moment Júhí came and knocked at the door: the cadi looked for a place into which he could slink for refuge.
  • غیر صندوقی ندید او خلوتی  ** رفت در صندوق از خوف آن فتی 
  • He saw no hiding-place but a chest: in his fright the man went into the chest.
  • اندر آمد جوحی و گفت ای حریف  ** اتی وبالم در ربیع و در خریف 
  • (Then) Júhí came in and said (to his wife), “O spouse, O thou who art my plague (both) in spring and autumn,
  • من چه دارم که فداات نیست آن  ** که ز من فریاد داری هر زمان  4480
  • What do I possess that is not sacrificed to thee: (why, then, is it) that thou art always crying out at me?
  • بر لب خشکم گشادستی زبان  ** گاه مفلس خوانیم گه قلتبان 
  • Thou hast let loose thy tongue at my dry crusts: now thou callest me ‘pauper,’ now ‘cuckold.’
  • این دو علت گر بود ای جان مرا  ** آن یکی از تست و دیگر از خدا 
  • If, my dear, I suffer from these two maladies, one (the latter) comes from thee and the other from God.
  • من چه دارم غیر آن صندوق که آن  ** هست مایه‌ی تهمت و پایه‌ی گمان 
  • What do I possess but that chest, which is a source of suspicion and a ground for (evil) surmise?