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  • در جوال نفس خود چندین مرو  ** از خریداران خود غافل مشو 
  • Do not go so much into the sack of thy fleshly soul, do not be (so) forgetful of thy purchasers (redeemers).
  • باز آمدن زن جوحی به محکمه‌ی قاضی سال دوم بر امید وظیفه‌ی پارسال و شناختن قاضی او را الی اتمامه 
  • How next year Júhí's wife returned to the court of the cadi, hoping for the same contribution (of money) as last year, and how the cadi recognised her, and so on to the end of the story.
  • بعد سالی باز جوحی از محن  ** رو به زن کرد و بگفت ای چست زن 
  • After a year Júhí, in consequence of the afflictions (of poverty), turned to his wife and said, “O clever wife,
  • آن وظیفه‌ی پار را تجدید کن  ** پیش قاضی از گله‌ی من گو سخن 
  • Renew last year's contribution (to our household): complain of me to the cadi.”
  • زن بر قاضی در آمد با زنان  ** مر زنی را کرد آن زن ترجمان  4555
  • The wife came before the cadi with (some other) women: she made a certain woman her interpreter,
  • تا بنشناسد ز گفتن قاضیش  ** یاد ناید از بلای ماضیش 
  • Lest the cadi should recognise her by her speech and remember his past misfortune.
  • هست فتنه غمره‌ی غماز زن  ** لیک آن صدتو شود ز آواز زن 
  • The coquettish glances of a woman are fascinating, but that (fascination) is increased a hundredfold by her voice.
  • چون نمی‌توانست آوازی فراشت  ** غمزه‌ی تنهای زن سودی نداشت 
  • Since she durst not raise (utter) a sound, the wife's ogling looks alone were of no avail.
  • گفت قاضی رو تو خصمت را بیار  ** تا دهم کار ترا با او قرار 
  • “Go,” said the cadi, “and fetch the defendant, that I may settle thy quarrel with him.”
  • جوحی آمد قاضیش نشناخت زود  ** کو به وقت لقیه در صندوق بود  4560
  • (When) Júhí arrived, the cadi did not recognise him at once, for at (their first) meeting he was in the chest.
  • زو شنیده بود آواز از برون  ** در شری و بیع و در نقص و فزون 
  • He had (only) heard his voice outside, during the buying and selling and chaffering.