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  • این مثال آمد رکیک و بی‌ورود  ** لیک در محسوس ازین بهتر نبود 
  • This comparison is poor and unsuccessful, but in the sensible (world) there was none better than this (to be found).
  • متوفی شدن بزرگین از شه‌زادگان و آمدن برادر میانین به جنازه‌ی برادر کی آن کوچکین صاحب‌فراش بود از رنجوری و نواختن پادشاه میانین را تا او هم لنگ احسان شد ماند پیش پادشاه صد هزار از غنایم غیبی و غنی بدو رسید از دولت و نظر آن شاه مع تقریر بعضه 
  • The death of the eldest prince, and how the middle brother came to his funeral—for the youngest was confined to his bed by illness; and how the King treated the middle brother with great affection, so that he too was crippled (captivated) by his kindness; (and how) he remained with the King, and a hundred thousand spoils (precious gifts), from the unseen and visible worlds, were conferred upon him by the fortune and favour of the King; with an exposition of some part thereof.
  • کوچکین رنجور بود و آن وسط  ** بر جنازه‌ی آن بزرگ آمد فقط 
  • The youngest (brother) was ill, and (so) the middle one came alone to the funeral of the eldest.
  • شاه دیدش گفت قاصد کین کیست  ** که از آن بحرست و این هم ماهیست  4635
  • (When) the King espied him, he said with a purpose, “Who is this?—for he is of that sea, and he too is a fish.”
  • پس معرف گفت پور آن پدر  ** این برادر زان برادر خردتر 
  • Then the announcer said, “He is a son of the same father: this brother is younger than that (deceased) brother.”
  • شه نوازیدش که هستی یادگار  ** کرد او را هم بدان پرسش شکار 
  • The King greeted him affectionately, saying, “Thou art a keepsake (from thy brother to me)”; and by this enquiry (gracious attention) made him too his prey.
  • از نواز شاه آن زار حنیذ  ** در تن خود غیر جان جانی بدیذ 
  • In consequence of the kindness shown (to him) by the King, that wretched man, (who was) roasted (in the fire of love), found in his body a soul other than the (animal) soul.
  • در دل خود دید عالی غلغله  ** که نیابد صوفی آن در صد چله 
  • He felt within his heart a sublime emotion which the Súfí does not experience during a hundred chilas.
  • عرصه و دیوار و کوه سنگ‌بافت  ** پیش او چون نار خندان می‌شکافت  4640
  • Court-yard and wall and mountain woven of stone seemed to split open before him like a laughing (bursting) pomegranate.
  • ذره ذره پیش او هم‌چون قباب  ** دم به دم می‌کرد صدگون فتح باب 
  • One by one, the atoms (of the universe) were momently opening their doors to him, like tents, in a hundred diverse ways.
  • باب گه روزن شدی گاه شعاع  ** خاک گه گندم شدی و گاه صاع 
  • The door would become now the window, now the sunbeams; the earth would become now the wheat, now the bushel.