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  • داده من ایوب را مهر پدر  ** بهر مهمانی کرمان بی‌ضرر 
  • I bestowed on Job a father's love in order that he might entertain the worms hospitably and do them no harm.
  • داده کرمان را برو مهر ولد  ** بر پدر من اینت قدرت اینت ید 
  • I bestowed on the worms love for him like that of children for their father. Look, here is (a token of My) Power, here is (a token of My) Hand!
  • مادران را داب من آموختم  ** چون بود لطفی که من افروختم 
  • I have taught mothers to care (for their children): how (infinite) must be the kindness that I have kindled!
  • صد عنایت کردم و صد رابطه  ** تا ببیند لطف من بی‌واسطه 
  • (Unto him) I showed a hundred favours and (knit) a hundred ties (of obligation), that he might experience My kindness directly,
  • تا نباشد از سبب در کش‌مکش  ** تا بود هر استعانت از منش  4840
  • And not be distracted by any secondary cause, to the end that every call for help should be made by him to Me,
  • ورنه تا خود هیچ عذری نبودش  ** شکوتی نبود ز هر یار بدش 
  • Or at least that he should have no excuse (for turning elsewhere) and no occasion to complain of any evil companion.
  • این حضانه دید با صد رابطه  ** که بپروردم ورا بی‌واسطه 
  • He enjoyed this tender care (cemented) by a hundred ties, for I fostered him (Myself) without an intermediary.
  • شکر او آن بود ای بنده‌ی جلیل  ** که شد او نمرود و سوزنده‌ی خلیل 
  • His thanks, O honoured servant, were this, that he became Nimrod and the burner of Khalíl (Abraham)”—
  • هم‌چنان کین شاه‌زاده شکر شاه  ** کرد استکبار و استکثار جاه 
  • Just as this prince, in return for the favours of the King, showed arrogance and sought to aggrandise himself,
  • که چرا من تابع غیری شوم  ** چونک صاحب ملک و اقبال نوم  4845
  • Saying, “Why should I become the follower of another when I possess empire and new (splendid) fortune?”