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  • شکر می‌کرد آن شهید زردخد  ** کان بزد بر جسم و بر معنی نزد 
  • (Meanwhile) the pale-cheeked martyr was thanking (God) that it (the arrow) had smitten his body and had not smitten that which is real.
  • جسم ظاهر عاقبت خود رفتنیست  ** تا ابد معنی بخواهد شاد زیست 
  • The visible body is doomed to go at last, (but) that which is real (the pure spirit) shall live rejoicing for ever.
  • آن عتاب ار رفت هم بر پوست رفت  ** دوست بی‌آزار سوی دوست رفت 
  • If that punishment was inflicted, yet it fell only on the skin: the lover went unscathed to the Beloved.
  • گرچه او فتراک شاهنشه گرفت  ** آخر از عین الکمال او ره گرفت  4875
  • Although he laid hold of the Emperor's saddle-strap, (yet) in the end he was (only) admitted (to union with his Beloved) by the eye whose glances kill.
  • و آن سوم کاهل‌ترین هر سه بود  ** صورت و معنی به کلی او ربود 
  • And the third (brother) was the laziest of the three: he won (the prize) completely—the form (appearance) as well as the reality.
  • وصیت کردن آن شخص کی بعد از من او برد مال مرا از سه فرزند من کی کاهل‌ترست 
  • The injunctions given by a certain person that after he died his property should be inherited by whichever of his three sons was the laziest.
  • آن یکی شخص به وقت مرگ خویش  ** گفت بود اندر وصیت پیش‌پیش 
  • Long ago a certain person, in giving injunctions on his death-bed, had spoken (as follows)—
  • سه پسر بودش چو سه سرو روان  ** وقف ایشان کرده او جان و روان 
  • (For) he had three sons like three moving cypresses: to them he had devoted his (vital) soul and his (rational) spirit.
  • گفت هرچه در کفم کاله و زرست  ** او برد زین هر سه کو کاهل‌ترست 
  • He said, “Whichever of these three is the laziest, let him take all the goods and gold in my possession.”
  • گفت با قاضی و پس اندرز کرد  ** بعد از آن جام شراب مرگ خورد  4880
  • He told the cadi and enjoined him strictly: after that, he drained the wine-cup of death.
  • گفته فرزندان به قاضی کای کریم  ** نگذریم از حکم او ما سه یتیم 
  • The sons said to the cadi, “O noble sir, we three orphans will not depart from his decision.