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  • بوی صدق و بوی کذب گول‌گیر  ** هست پیدا در نفس چون مشک و سیر 
  • The scents of truth and fool-catching (plausible) falsehood are apparent in the breath, like musk and garlic.
  • گر ندانی یار را از ده‌دله  ** از مشام فاسد خود کن گله  4895
  • If you cannot distinguish a (sincere) friend from a double-hearted person, complain of your own rotten sense of smell.
  • بانگ حیزان و شجاعان دلیر  ** هست پیدا چون فن روباه و شیر 
  • The voices of poltroons and brave courageous men are as distinct as the characteristics of the fox and the lion.
  • یا زبان هم‌چون سر دیگست راست  ** چون بجنبد تو بدانی چه اباست 
  • Or, (again), the tongue is just like the lid of a cooking-pot: when it is moved you know what sort of food is inside;
  • از بخار آن بداند تیزهش  ** دیگ شیرینی ز سکباج ترش 
  • (But) one whose sense (of smell) is keen can tell by the vapour (issuing from the closed pot) whether it is a pot of sweetmeat or sour sikbáj (stew flavoured with vinegar).
  • دست بر دیگ نوی چون زد فتی  ** وقت بخریدن بدید اشکسته را 
  • When a man taps a new pot with his hand at the time when he is buying it, he detects the cracked one (by its sound).
  • گفت دانم مرد را در حین ز پوز  ** ور نگوید دانمش اندر سه روز  4900
  • He (one of the three brothers) said (to the cadi), “I know a man at once by his mouth (speech); and if he do not speak, I know him within three days.”
  • وآن دگر گفت ار بگوید دانمش  ** ور نگوید در سخن پیچانمش 
  • The second said, “I know him if he speak, and if he do not speak, I engage him in conversation.”
  • گفت اگر این مکر بشنیده بود  ** لب ببندد در خموشی در رود 
  • He (the cadi) said, “(But) if he has (already) heard of this device (of yours), he will close his lips and take refuge in silence.”
  • مثل 
  • Parable.
  • آنچنان که گفت مادر بچه را  ** گر خیالی آیدت در شب فرا 
  • The case is like that of the mother who said to her child, “If a ghost come to you in the night,