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  • گفت اگر این مکر بشنیده بود  ** لب ببندد در خموشی در رود 
  • He (the cadi) said, “(But) if he has (already) heard of this device (of yours), he will close his lips and take refuge in silence.”
  • مثل 
  • Parable.
  • آنچنان که گفت مادر بچه را  ** گر خیالی آیدت در شب فرا 
  • The case is like that of the mother who said to her child, “If a ghost come to you in the night,
  • یا بگورستان و جای سهمگین  ** تو خیالی بینی اسود پر ز کین 
  • Or if in a graveyard and frightful place you behold a black bogle full of rage,
  • دل قوی دار و بکن حمله برو  ** او بگرداند ز تو در حال رو  4905
  • Keep a stout heart and rush at it, and immediately it will turn its face away from you.”
  • گفت کودک آن خیال دیووش  ** گر بدو این گفته باشد مادرش 
  • “(But),” said the child, “suppose the devilish bogle's mother has said this (same thing) to it;
  • حمله آرم افتد اندر گردنم  ** ز امر مادر پس من آنگه چون کنم 
  • (If) I rush at it, by its mother's orders it will fall on my neck: what shall I do then?
  • تو همی‌آموزیم که چست ایست  ** آن خیال زشت را هم مادریست 
  • You are teaching me to stand firm, (but) the ugly bogle has a mother too.”
  • دیو و مردم را ملقن آن یکیست  ** غالب از وی گردد ار خصم اندکیست 
  • The instructor of (the race of) devils and of mankind is the One (God): through Him the enemy prevails (even) if he is in small force.
  • تا کدامین سوی باشد آن یواش  ** الله‌الله رو تو هم زان سوی باش  4910
  • On whichever side that Gracious One may be, go and for God's sake, for God's sake, be thou also on that side!
  • گفت اگر از مکر ناید در کلام  ** حیله را دانسته باشد آن همام 
  • He (the cadi) said, “Suppose the worthy man is not induced to speak by your device and has (already) perceived the trick,